Xbox August Event - What’s your Wild Speculation

  1. Xbox Series S reveal and price drop along with Series X price drop
  2. InXile Sci-fi RPG CGI trailer reveal
  3. Sizzle reel of gameplay running on Series X
  4. Reveal of a couple 3rd party exclusives, one with Sega the other with Capcom, at least one is a launch title, but not in gamepass.
  5. Update on backward Compatibility bringing even more titles to next gen
  6. Gears Tactics console trailer Followed by Gears 6 teaser
  7. Mass Effect Remastered reveal
  8. Purchase of Asobo Studios is announced
  9. Mic drop that Microsoft bought all the Konami IPs
  10. Compulsion Games new game announcement
  11. Big Gamepass developer partnership reveal
  12. Close the show with The Initiatives game

Not so sure there’ll be “an event”. Probably just a bunch of information via News Wire and other outlets.


I would love for them to show gameplay and system features that blow us away, just to reveal everything shown was running on Lockhart at the end as they reveal the system. This way we get the taste of some gameplay while also shutting down concerns that games won’t look great on the lower end system.

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Digital Foundry will likely have a breakdown of Lockhart that they did in early March sometime this month.


I don’t really have much to add to the speculation, but I do wonder if the Xbox team have one last surprise regarding the launch lineup of games. Currently, it feels like they’re leaning a bit too heavily on Halo and Halo alone, with respect to first/second-party titles that will actually be available this year.

I suspect they believe that Game Pass fills any potential void, but I can’t help but feel like they’re missing something along the lines of a Killer Instinct (though who would make it? Iron Galaxy?) or another semi-dormant IP that could have been picked up by a partner studio. Then again, Breath of the Wild was the only title Nintendo really needed to launch the Switch with, and I do really believe that Halo Infinite is being positioned, in many ways, to have a similar impact (though we’ll see if it can deliver). It’s also pretty clear Sony is facing a bit of a first/second-party dilemma of their own, given their propensity to buy exclusivity; so, perhaps this isn’t as much of an issue as one might think.

I want to be on record saying that at the end of the August showing they’re going to announce they have acquired WBG and showcase the brand new exclusive batman game coming to Series X in 2021 running on XSX with RT and amazing looking graphics.

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Lockhart reveal

Gamepass Announcement (what Shinobi said on Era)

UI/OS reveal (coming to all Xbox devices)

Halo MP Reveal (Gamescom)

That’s it. The Initiative reveal will be probably on TGA. I don’t believe MS acquired anyone since Double Fine, so I’m not expecting that

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I think it’s partially dependent on what Sony does In August and when but I expect the following:

  1. Lockhart revealed as Xbox Series S. All-digital, $299, specs match rumors (4TF etc.), simultaneous launch with Series X. It’ll be called Series S.

  2. Next gen launch/window games confirmed

  3. Series X priced at $499, release date is mid-November (10th or 13th). Preorders are live after show.

  4. A few updates on games from XBO/PC being ported or enhanced such as Gears Tactics, Wasteland 3, and FS2020.

  5. They’ll show a new game or two from a few studios, Initiative won’t be here unless Sony shows something absolutely killer in their August event. Initiative to show at TGA or X020.

People will be disappointed and claim the show was boring, XYZ was better at Sony, nitpick little details, say MS is going to fail next gen. Basically, the same old narrative you see whenever someone shows something. Glad I typically buy all consoles, wish the narrative wasn’t as toxic as it always gets.

Lockhart will be revealed and it will be called Xbox Series X [insert extra word] so they can be consistent with the Series X branding.

Apart from that I can’t really think of much else.

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xsx release date,price and the true raw power of the console with one game.

All they HAVE to do for me beyond the obvious is show some AAA launch titles running on the XSX - Halo Infinite Mp and ACV plus one or two others…just do it!

Sony didn’t show or say anything about the PS5 in their August event so far. So I suspect MS will therefore continue to wait with their informations also. It’s an endless waiting - especially because there was no E3.

Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart

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are people really expecting a 200 dollar Lockhart? That’s more unlikely than Banjo being a launch title lol

My predictions align with many others, as the meta has been established. Price reveal of series X - $500

Lockhart Reveal, to be a $300 One S form factor console without a disc drive (4TF Navi, 1 TB SSD, 10 GB Memory, 1080-1440p focused machine), Digital Foundry hands-on and breakdown.

Halo Infinite New and Improved Look, Multiplayer sneak peek.

Proooobably a studio acquisition (no idea which one, WB ain’t happening, at least this soon).

We won’t see many (new) games. XO20 or TGA is where they’ll reveal The Initiative’s game. Here, it’ll be showing off Back Compat, XBone games running better on Series X and UI walkthrough with Quick Resume.

lockheart is 249

gamepass has 10 launch window games

series x is 499

lockheart 25/month and series x 35/month on all access

Persona 5 (or scramble port) for Xbox. That would be pretty wild right? Persona is probably the only BIG jrpg that isn’t on xbox now right?

I’m honestly not sure what to expect for the April event.

I’ll probably keep my expectations low though.

But at this point, I’m almost expecting to be charged a week after owning the series x XD

Realistic speculation :

  • Lockhart reveal
  • Price reveal (500 for SXS, 250 for lockhart)
  • in depth presentation of new possibilites of the new hardware, UI and peripherics.
  • release date reveal
  • Xcloud presentation

I think everything games related will be shown at the gamescon end of august, would make sense, like Halo multiplayer reveal, a date for Flight simulator on console, some minor announcement, and a bit of gameplay of already announced games.

Now let’s talk WILD speculations and wishlisting :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Xbox Series X at 400€ (barebone, without controller and games).
  • Lockhart at 250€, and 200€ barebone (no games, no gamepass, no controller
  • Another device, some sort of chromecast to add xCloud and Controller support on every TV.Something really little and unexpensive (150€?).
  • Gold live go free, at least for F2P games.
  • The Initiative game reveal
  • One or two minors acquisitions

Wow, That would be great!

This is my expectation.

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Honestly, I really like it like that. For things to be dropped unexpectedly and taking everybody off guards. I feel like this is what Microsoft does best in terms of announcements, more than a planned event where everybody will criticize them no matter what they do.

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