Xbox August Event - What’s your Wild Speculation

Interested to hear what your thoughts are on what might happen at the rumored August event. This threads for thoughts, predictions, speculation or desires, interested to hear it all!

I would like to see a series of services announcements and changes that would just reinforce the value by playing into the Xbox ecosystem. Also, an introduction of Lockhart could be great.

Lockhart - Likely, Perfect Dark - Possible, Free Online Gaming for all - Maybe, Lost Odyssey 2 - unlikely

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Full on circus with flipping clowns and elephants with the last elephant carrying out a sign with the price and date, then 15 clowns climb out of a small box and the surprise!?!?! That box is lockhart!


You sir should be designing the gameplay for Everwild

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who says I’m not?

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Can you give us a hint

lots of animal husbandry, don’t let the kids watch because these buffalos like to f…

Probably nothing too exciting unless they come in at a shockingly low price

When do you think they’ll show their 6 studios they held back?

I’m pretty crestfallen, if I’m being honest. I feel like so much hype was put in for years about what the “New” Xbox division would accomplish. And don’t get me wrong, GamePass is amazing.

But it seems like now that the time for talk is over, that’s still all MS can do. Over promise, under deliver, damage control.

I fear for the August event. I’m getting the feeling their plans are kind of coming apart behind the scenes. Their communication has been confusing, as they seem to be changing things at the last minute.

X02020 maybe

Aaron Greenberg will use this song to market XSX

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Release date

Release price

Lockhart reveal

Show some series x optimised games

Show how good the bc is

Show how good the suspend resume feature is

Maybe a hint at what Compulsion and the Initiative are up to

  1. Xbox Series S (Lockhart) is shown and detailed.
  2. Xbox Live Gold gets eliminated with the release of Series X/Series S.
  3. Prices and Release Dates
  • November 6th, 2020 is my release date prediction for both consoles
  • My price prediction is Series S at $300 and Series X at $500
  1. Pre-order info…my prediction for when pre-orders go live will be September 10th, 2020.
  2. Launch Lineup Confirmation (first party and third party)
  3. They finally show off games running off of Series X (first and third party)
  4. This one is highly unlikely but I will say it anyway, Series S will include a 4K Blu Ray Drive and the Xbox Series S controller. $300 for a 1080P Series S with a 4K Blu Ray Player for $300 would be huge and still at least $100 cheaper than PlayStation 5 Digital Edition which I don’t see going under $400.
  5. They end the presentation with the reveal of The Initiative’s next gen only title. My guess is Perfect Dark but it’s in third person and similar to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided but set in the universe of Perfect Dark.

I’m guessing $299 Lockhart, $499 SX. Gold gets bundled into Ultimate. Not a very convincing show overall.

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Would love this only things I’d also hope for is a studio acquisition and inxile RPG reveal.

1-Lockhart $200-$250

2-Xbox live Future

3-OS Showcase

4-Studios Announcement

5-Wasteland 3 Trailer

6- Compulsion Games CGI Trailer

7- The Initiative CGI Trailer

8-AOE 4 Trailer


August 16th: HotChips; XSX hardware breakdown, highlighting details and comparisons wrt XVA, putting the XSX’s I/O setup in a highly positive new light, possibly noting how machine learning can bypass I/O needs using low res textures that are up-rez’d at runtime. Other focus on RT performance and how numbers given are typical and sustainable.

August 23rd: Xboxing Day; Lockhart–>XSS revealed. Focus on it being true next gen gaming at 1080p/1440p. Shows off glimpse of Forza gameplay with RT at 1080p/60fps. Gold now part of Game Pass (standard GP, not just GPU). Launch date is November 13th.Pricing info finally announced:

XSX: $500(All Access; XSX+GPU for $35/month for 2 yrs) XSS: $250 (All Access; XSS+GPU for $25/month for 2 yrs)

Focus on how XSX and XSS given identical results on a 1080p TV and how GPU owners can pay just $10 more each month than usual and get XSS, or $20 more each month to get XSX. All Access will be available at all major retailers and online. They REALLY hammer home that ya can walk in and spend $35 down to get XSX+Gold+GP+xCloud. Pre-orders open immediately at the show.

xCloud official name revealed (X-Stream…lol, no idea!), launching alongside XSX/XSS (aka out of beta finally), 1080p streaming, no other way to access it outside of GPU. Also announce f2p games on Xbox now are actually free (no Gold required). Quick demo showing next gen games working in OS, super fast loading times. Demo’d with Forza. Console flies thru the OS lightning fast.

August 25: Gamescom; Halo MP reveal (VERY nice visuals since they can use baked lighting and smaller arenas) and RT patch coming AT launch now, announce Perfect Dark from the Initiative + Coalition. MP beta coming early 2021. In-engine trailer looks incredible, lots of RT in use. . Compulsion’s new game shown with trailer. Fable in-engine story trailer looks mindblowing visually. Uses Quixel assets. Hellblade 2 new trailer, explicitly stated as real-time and in-engine (looks just as bonkers as before). Forza gameplay demonstration (photorealistic visuals, lots of RT, incredible weather fx using Asobo’s teach from Flight Sim). Flight Sim with RT shown off, best looking version, launch title. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, next gen gameplay demo focused on traversing the world, devs brag about I/O setup in XSX. Age of Empires trailer. Everwild behind the scenes update showing some short gameplay snippets (WIP) and the release of an OST song. Brief focus on Backwards Compatibility stuff…machine learning to upres game textures, to get games near 4k, to add HDR to games, to help interpolate framerates to 60 fps or 120 fps, TONS of X1 games will be 120fps @ 4k day 1 via BC. Halo MCC gets RT lighting later this year. The Medium shown off again, with meaty story trailer (RT is still in game). MS buys Asobo and Bloober.


Things I expect announced at or right after the event.

  1. Lockhart is shown off, it’s the smallest xbox yet, it’s “flat” and has something to make it look unique in design from xbox one systems.
  2. Some yet to be shown off OS feature gets revealed, maybe related to cloud streaming or pre-empting sony on “deep link”/ Adaptive home menu.
  3. Similarly maybe a look at some new social features and integrations.
  4. Probably show off Halo Multiplayer.
  5. Something Xbox Live Gold related or overall simplification of services and branding.
  6. Gamepass Support from EA/Ubisoft or some other notable publisher or bundling of services.
  7. Accessories line announced and is shown off.
  8. Launch “Window” (first 3-9 months) is detailed.
  9. Lockhart is 299, XSX is 499.
  10. A new xbox all access program is announced, includes a plan for “existing” xbox users to replace their systems for even cheaper, eschewing replacing stuff like controllers etc.