Xbox announces new partnership with legendary creator Hideo Kojima

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On the showcase earlier this evening, Phil Spencer took to the stage and introduced Hideo Kojima.

Not to show a game (at least not yet), but to announce a new partnership as Xbox and Kojima Productions look to “Create a video game for Xbox like no one has ever experienced or seen before, leveraging the power of the cloud.”

Known for some of the most celebrated games in the industry, this is certainly a big get for Microsoft. As per their own blurb on Xbox Wire: “Hideo Kojima is one of the most innovative and creative minds in our industry we can’t wait to share what our teams will create together.”

Won’t be much to see for a while then, but perhaps this is the rumoured game “Overdose” leaked earlier this week by Tom Henderson via TryHardGuides.


So we still don’t know if the Overdose game is his either?

We dont know lol

But it would be so weird that days before he announces his deal with xbox, he has a game leak that looks like it can be played on phones i.e. cloud powered and lines up with everything he’d be doing with xbox and it end up not being the game with xbox

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I dont think Overdose is the game for Xbox. Because some info from Overdose leaked online already, I think we’d have seen it already.

Its exciting to see Kojima working with XGS but I think the game is years away, 2025 most likely.

I’m very excited about this. I do wish they would’ve at least revealed some concept art or a logo or hell, even a title though.


“I never liked Metal Gear games or anything from him. Sure I platinum all of Metal Gear games, including re-release and posted so much about PT coming back, but I never liked Kojima’s game.”

What info do we have on the game? Or did you mean the stuff about the voice actress?

I haven’t checked but how did “others” react to this news…

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By others you mean Sony fanboys?

“Other” Era and PlayStation cultists are basically the same thing.

I’ve seen some fair amount of salt for this. People saying it’s gonna be another Crackdown 3 situation or this was a fluff announcement with no substance, bla bla bla. I don’t disagree with the second part, but it’s funny cause Sony did the exact same thing when they signed Kojima back in 2015.


Yeap Margaret Qualley and also there was a pic includes a logo of the game. “A Hideo Kojima Game OVERDOSE” kinda stuff.


You know what is exiting? Judging by the way Kojima talked about this game it seems is not going to be a “small” or just an “experience” game. I think he wants to create a game with full capabilites of what the cloud can provide you…so yeah, really interested to see what comes from this.

And I think overdose is just a small or indie game with another publisher.

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Actually this feels good. :rofl:

I wonder how vindicated Grubb has felt today. He’s been yelling this into the void for the better part of a year and its finally announced.


Man the crowd in Toronto went NUTS for this announcement.

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He did poke fun with “Abandoned could still be Kojima.” That’s his way to gloat.

I saw this before it was announced and some people were signing because how ridiculous the petition is lol

Jeff keeps getting Ws. Honestly incredible that he seems to be the only one to have known about Kojima x Xbox with the exact details.