Xbox announces Developer_Direct for January 18th - Indiana Jones, Avowed, Hellblade II and more

Originally published at: Xbox announces Developer_Direct for January 18th - Indiana Jones, Avowed, Hellblade II and more. - XboxEra

2023 is behind us, and 2024 lies ahead, and surprise, Microsoft are going to be releasing some of those lovely video game things again this year!

The Developer_Direct will take place on Thursday, January 18 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK.
Here’s the Xbox Wire link for all the details.

We’ve already posted our roadmap for 2024, and what we’re expecting (and hoping!) to see. We know that Avowed, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Ara: History Untold, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 and Towerborne are scheduled for this year, and now it seems, we’ll be seeing Indiana Jones for the first time too!

The question on everyone’s mind is of course, the games we don’t know about. Is 2024 the year Rare re-reveal Everwild? Will we get another shadow-dropped surprise?

We also wonder if Microsoft will talk about and acknowledge the rumours and general conversation swirling around the internet with regards to some 1st party going to Nintendo’s Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 5. (Probably not, sorry, enjoy your twitter drama!)

We’ll find out, next week.


Fookin’ Indiana Jones. This year is going to be GREAT.



I really can’t wait to see what Machine Games is doing with Indy. I’m excited to see the other games, but hot damn I didn’t think we would see Indy this soon.


Is it this year. Oh oh man.

I can’t take it. Wake me up.

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I know they said they won’t speak about ABK but I hope they at least announce when they will…

Either way we have a fantastic year ahead.


Ah, some good news to boost morale. I’m looking forward to this.


Also, do us a favour folks - click the link in the OP for the actual post on our site. It really does help.


A new look at Avowed is always good, wonder how things are looking now. If they can provide us with a real release date, well, what more could you want? Same can be said for Hellblade 2.

Indiana Jones is just a crazy surprise, nobody could have expected them to have a proper gameplay reveal right at the start of the new year. Perhaps this is what Klobrille meant with a big surprise, the reveal of the game or actually release this year. And in that case it would be clear het MachineGames hasn’t been sitting still, wow.


So Indy gameplay debut, Avowed gameplay deep dive and Hellblade 2 shadow drop? sounds good to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hoping Indy looks great since its whats stopped me from getting Wolf 3 lol.

Really hoping Obsidian has made some changes since that rough trailer for Avowed last summer.

Im thinking Towerborne is the secret game with a beta shadowdrop or full game shadowdrop.


Man, does this make you guys think Indy is this year? The last DD was for games coming in the near future.

Off topic - Raiders is the best Indy movie.

Also, it would be cool if the new Indy game is a reinterpretation of Fate of Atlantis because that is a really great Indy story that never made it onto the big screen or a 3D game.


Indy is actually gonna be the shadow drop like HFR was.


Indy is this year.


Great! It’s a day one purchase, which is rare for me.

Indiana Jones is a total surprise for me. I hope that means that the game will release soon.

I’m excited for Indy but if it really is coming out sooner than later, I’m actually kinda psyched that might mean MachineGames can focus on Wolfenstein 3 soon too. :crossed_fingers:

I refuse to give up the dream.


This would really make 2024 bang real good.


More like actual news.


I wonder if we’ll get to know how long the timed exclusivity is on these games too?