Xbox Acquisition |OT6| If this is about competition, let us have competition

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Why would you even post this guy lol. I took one look at his tweets and all I see is him getting into online arguments with people calling them virgins.


This is such bullshit. (edit not you the tweet lol)

No one that would know, as is said repeatedly, about this would leak it. It is important to state how closely guarded these kinds of things are.

Secondly, SegaSammy is not just video games and Sammy and Sega merged to save both companies. Sammy would need a lot to separate from sega, who needed each other. And Microsoft doesn’t need Sammy and their pachinko business.

Whilst there isn’t anything to say against buying sega, because you never know, it is not being leaked by a rando looking for engagement.

I would have rather they bought sega and bungie and not abk

i like sega but abk to ms is important

That looks like BS. But I wonder if MS can go straight into another publisher acquisition or if they have to wait for Sony to buy another publisher(IE Square Enix) first.

Also i dont think the major Sega franchises would be exclusive. They would still release on PS5 and Switch/Switch 2 but would only be available via subscription service on Game Pass.

Edit: it absolutely makes sense for those games to be exclusive in an acquisition scenario. i just think Sega would want to keep games on other platforms for a while before going full exclusive to keep their fans happy.

This is actually an Era poster who pretty frequently gets warnings on their posts lol


I wonder if that Wouk’s be strategy for major Japanese publishers . I don’t think it would be wise to pull games from Nintendo and Sony , but gamepass day one Would be huge. However o guess you could argue they could just make a gamepass deal with those publishers

I don’t think Microsoft considers another publisher until the looking recession is done with.


Yeah I know some on this forum will disagree but I think when it comes to markets like Japan where Microsoft doesn’t have much presence a softer approach to acquisitions where they let titles remain multiplatform might work well. I mean, I don’t think Microsoft is suddenly going to gain a foothold in Japan just by buying a publisher there and making everything exclusive, I think it’s just going to take time no matter what they do. So personally I think it’s better to build a positive brand image in Japan and take their time while maintaining the existing fanbases for these games - all the while Xbox and Gamepass is still the best place to be to play them. They’d probably have an easier time with regulators too.
Plus I think with Microsoft’s already very large first party studio base they are in a position where they have a LOT of exclusives already no matter what they do here. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of Xbox first party titles SHOULD be exclusive and they are important to the platform - but I think they have enough that they can look for opportunities where a multiplatform approach would benefit them more on some titles.


MS wont be buying Japanese publishers to suddenly make their console a success in Japan, they will be doing it purely to make GP more enticing and diverse and yes, if a Japanese pub acquisition does happen, I expect the majority of the output to still be multiplat but we will see

I’m not expecting anything anytime soon though, if the ABK deal even goes through it’s gonna take until this summer at a minimum, also the post about MS buying Sega is utter nonsense

Not because I can’t see them buying Sega eventually but because nobody will know about it until it’s actually announced


Oh definitely, the main priority in any Japanese acquisition is not going to be to be successful in Japan specifically it’s gonna be to draw in Western audiences who like Japanese content. But ultimately if they CAN use an acquisition to build a foothold in Japan over time that will naturally bring more content to the platform.
But yeah, this is not happening any time soon.

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That would be cool if it happens, but ABK is who MS needs to be doing all they can to get cleared right now and then worry about Sega.
So I doubt MS would want info on Sega leaking now, if it is true because it would be used against them, so the sale of ABK would fail.

Does this guy have a track record?

No, and he posts daily in this forum under the same name but did not choose to post that here.


Microsoft should look into Cold Symmetry, the developer behind Mortal Shell.

15 developers managed to create a souls like game that’s pretty good. They seem like a valuable studio.


Y’all gotta stop deleting your posts…

Anyway, if MS can’t acquire a Japanese due to economic down turn plenty of studios with history of making good games to choose from: NIS, Eighting, Media.Vision, Tri-Ace, CC2, ILCA, h.a.n.d., Level-5, Bokeh Game Studio, Inti Creates, Idea Factory (technically a publisher, but on the smaller side), Mistwalker, and Platinum (:sunglasses:).


Playtika offer €750m to buy Rovio.The analysts expect it to be rejected.


750million for a very successful mobile company lol. They are right to reject it. Top mobile developers make bank. Having said that, surprisingly I thought Rovio was worth more than 500 million.