Would you like the light gun genre or games to come back?

Now that there are light guns which work with modern TV’s (LED, LCD and OLED) an upcoming reboot/remaster of House of the Dead (on Switch) would you like to see the genre or any of the classic franchises return?

I am just interested in whether there is still any interest in the genre…

I was a big fan of the genre from playing Duck Hunt on the NES to Virtua Cop on the Saturn/Dreamcast.

Personally I think if they updated the Xbox controller to have a gyro it would be sufficient but a light gun like the Sinden would be awesome!

Alternatively would you like to see any of the IP’s return (perhaps in a different genre/style)?

Virtua Cop


Die Hard

Time Crisis


Area 51




Dino Stalker


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I would, but sadly it seems like peripheral controller gaming kinda died in general…

HOTD Switch isn’t a rumor by the way, it’s coming out April 14th or so.

It’s a bit sad that the only modern rail shooter/light gun game series is… fucking Gal Gun :joy:. Even there only GG2 supports gyro on Switch so that sucks.

By the way, here are my guns lol

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Awesome, I’m not sure if I still have my guns, if I do they are probably in my folks attic 150+ miles away :rofl:.

The Saturn and Dreamcast were fantastic consoles - still miss SEGA in the console market.

Yes. Actually Sega’s console reign was before my time (Well, I was a baby when the Dreamcast was out lol)… But I do love their consoles and the libraries for them. I did have a Genesis when I was little and my dad’s computer had a lot of classic games on it… Including HOTD2 which was one of my favorites. I ended up getting HOTD2 and 3 for Wii with a Wii Zapper on one of my birthdays back in the day, which I still have here

I bought a Saturn a couple years ago now and it came with the gun and Virtua Cop 2. I am glad my dad had a CRT in the attic so I can use them. The NES Zapper was actually his too, but he knows I enjoy retro stuff so it’s mine now lol

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Ah so many good memories there, I would love to pick up some retro consoles and play through the old back catalogs (just no time these days with kids sigh).

That said they never seem as good as they were at the time (Goldeneye 64 as a prime example).

Will definitely be picking up HOTD on the Switch.

There’s always emulation, and that you can easily do on the go. So if you have a commute or other extended downtime away from your TV, that may be an option.

It all depends on what you play. You’re definitely in dangerous territory with anything from the PS1/N64 generation, those early 3D games are often quite janky and ugly as sin. But if you go with 16-bit and 32-bit systems like SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, and Game Boy Advance, there’s plenty of games that hold up really well.

I absolutely loved my recent playthrough of Metroid: Zero Mission, a GBA game that most certainly holds up and that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any fan of the Metroidvania genre.

As to the question of the thread: No. I have very little interest in light gun gaming. It can be fun in an arcade setting with a friend once in a while, but not fun enough for me to spend money on an accessory like that.

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I’m considering getting a Steamdeck for exactly that (emulating).

I did try a few emulators on my phone but couldn’t get on with touch controls (my phone is too big for the Razer Kishi :roll_eyes:).

I think the issue with the N64/PS1 era in particular is the early 3D days had such a low polygon count that it aged worse than 2D games.

Shame about the light guns, they are not for everyone but I do feel they bring something special.

If that is the primary or only reason, you may want to look into one of the many alternative handheld gaming devices that are on the market. They’re generally going to be cheaper, some of them smaller, and as of right now a lot easier to get ahold of. And they’re perfectly capable of retro emulation. Personally I have a GPD XD and love it, but it’s a few years old now and no longer being made.

You can check out Retro Game Corps on YouTube for reviews of many different devices. This video is a good starting point:

Oh, for sure that’s a huge reason. I also think it took a while for developers to get the hang of making 3D games, causing those early ones to have aged even worse compared to games with modern control schemes and character movements. Compared to the 16/32-bit games, which were made in a style that’s still in use today.

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Cheers for the advice, I’ll take a look :+1:

My wife and I also have a big steam library which we no longer play as we sold our gaming PC’s after the kids were born (priorities and all that), which is another reason I’m intrigued by the Steamdeck.

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Oh, in that case might as well go for the Deck. It might be a little pricier, but it sounds like it would be a better fit. Even more so when you consider official xCloud support, and the potential for Game Pass integration in the future.

If the latter were to come to pass, I’d put in a Steam Deck order the same day.

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Absolutely if they integrate GP then it’s a no brainer, I will see what the stock is like around Xmas and drop a few hints :wink:


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Like Bemani games I like them but I’m not good at them. Here’s my gun collection:

I think we may have to rely on indie developers to bring this back. A horror game with incredible visual fidelity that looks real would be the way I would go. There’s a lot of potential for this to hit it big with streamers. None of the big developers are publishers will do this but I think an Indie team could do it.


I hope so, it would be fantastic to see a comeback in some regard.

You know what was chill?

Namco’s Point Blank on PS1


I don’t remember that one, just looked it up and it looks great for a more family oriented game, infact it gives me NES vibes.

I certainly wouldn’t object. I still bust out my copy of House of the Dead 2 for the Dreamcast from time to time.

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Wait until you see the gun

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Ahhh yes I definitely had a GunCon, must have had Point Blank too just no recollection of it at all :rofl:

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no because theyre only fun with a gun in the arcades. Those Wii ones were absolute garbage.