Would Xbox Fans Want Scalebound Back? As Hideki Kamiya Wants To Revive Scalebound, But Fans Need To Write A Letter To Phil Spencer


Just a thought, MS owns the IP right? So with their new 15 studios, I’m sure they can give the IP to one of them, for exemple to the COALTION or even Ninja Theory

Why MS would be back in hell with this guy?

If Scalebound is coming back, I can’t see Kamiya involved at all, he had an opportunity to make his dream game… but he lost it

One more thing, I remember MS took all the flak for Scalebound cancelation, as usual…


The game was not well received at all. In fact, it garnered more attention only because it was canceled. It was a performance disaster, nobody liked the skate or die protagonist, and was blasted by the media.

That said, I wouldn’t be opposed to the IP being revived and matured. The premise was great, but the implementation was a flop.

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Some times you have to let go of the past to move forward.

Sometimes a thing is desirable only because you can’t have it.

Sometimes the idea of a thing is more attractive than what it actually is.

If you haven’t said your piece yet, do it now. It’s over.


Please no Scalebound. The game looked horrible, threads about the game were a barren wasteland. The biggest attention it got was when it was cancelled and people had a chance to take free shots at Xbox.


Yes, MS owns the IP


100% Agree with you.

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OK, thx for confirming, so they could give it to one of their new studio?

They could if they wanted, make a Scalebound game, without PG and Kamiya, is that correct?

Didn’t they say the protagonist was originally a little girl? Then Microsoft suggested they change it to appeal to western fans? I remember hearing something like that a few years back.


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Ok, thx for your confirmation

I don’t know, but if I were MS and had to revive Scalebound IP, I’d gave it to one these new studio

But I understand part of the game appeal, was that it was a PG game, and a Kamiya one…

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Isn’t this the guy who blocks everyone? Now he wants fans to do something for him? Haha. No, thanks.

MS can do whatever they want with their money, but I really don’t care about this guy.


On what basis people want that game back? The Trailers? Nobody has played the damn game, so nobody knows if it was actually good. For me the ship has sailed!


I doubt they would do that though. Can you imagine the shit storm? It would be an easy PR blow on how terrible Ms was that took away the platinum passion project out of their hands.

Kamiya seems like a super toxic individual. Obviously, I don’t know him personally. That’s just the vibe he gives off on Twitter to me. If they wanna make the game, great. I’d rather them do it with a different studio though. Give it to Ninja Theory.

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Yeah, i think u’re right it would be a PR disaster

But imo revive Scalebound is not a good idea for MS now… They have to work on 1st party game with their new studios 1st…

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Yeah I just got back into it, I’m at chapter 5 of 10 I think. Cool game!

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Wait., did Hideki Kamiya blocked Phil Spencer?

As expected.

And Platinum waited a loooooong time, until it would not matter anymore, to whisper that the blame should be put on both parts.

I hope Microsoft never hires this studio again to any other project. There are lots of other eastern teams out there.


He did and then unblocked him…lol

I don’t know why but I’ve always had a feeling they’re secretly reviving Scalebound, just this weird gut feeling. Now I don’t know who would be making the game but just this weird feeling it’s gonna happen.