Would Xbox Fans Want Scalebound Back? As Hideki Kamiya Wants To Revive Scalebound, But Fans Need To Write A Letter To Phil Spencer

Personally I have Zero interest and trust in Platinum Studio…Ms already building studios and Wht recent rumours say they want Japanese studio give IP to them not these folks who couldn’t even meet deadline while making other 2 projects for ps just fine…


Can we just come to terms with the fact that this game just didn’t look very great? Like, the concept of Scalebound is great and if they want another shot; sure.

But I don’t understand the nostalgia for a game that had a few mediocre showings at E3.


The gamescon (2016?) demo was truly great imo, except for performance, but the combat was already top tier for open world games and then the extended look with the flying islands and cities showed a lot of potential.

That coop e3 demo was terribad indeed.

If they wanted another shot at it, id be down, but they would have to REALLY impress people the 2nd time. Im talking a locked 60FPS with the fast action like DMC or Beyonetta

Not only tht at one point he even Blocked Xbox fans and Phil Spencer on Twitter…I would personally not want ms investing in them as they made this big debacle and said it was ms fault but instead it was game running badly on there side of things…While other 2 projects for ps at same time just fine…


The guy is a troll and has massive issues with xbox. Avoid like the plague.


Just let it go guys.

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I was honestly looking forward too it, but is platinum games honestly capable of making a big open world rpg?

I guess if it is a series x exclusive, they would have a much better time getting performance to where they want it at, as it looked really rough performance wise on xbox one, I think I liked the idea of the game more than what they actually showed.

Whilst I loved bayonetta by them, I’ve felt the rest of their games have been average to bad.

Even nier automata wasn’t that great in my eyes, the ost was incredible though, but gameplay was dull, dull/grey environments, invisible walls everywhere, boring fetch quests, uninteresting story (the game started strong though, and I did enjoy the stg sections) please don’t murder me for not enjoying nier :stuck_out_tongue: I did really want to like it though :slight_smile:

I feel like more people cared about scalebound after it was cancelled, or that seems to be the narrative I’ve seen online.

I would be more interested in seeing mistwalkers cancelled Cry On come back myself personally.

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The second trailer from 2016 wasn’t really good. But I enjoyed the first one and the gameplay video I’ve seen.

With less stress on this project, more time to devellop it, to be some AA drop on the gamepass, it could work. A kind of mix between DMC5 and Monster Hunter.

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I’ll mention this again. Someone on Twitter mentioned how if the WB deal went through, Monolith would be an amazing pick to bring back Scalebound, it just makes immediate sense given their recent repertoire with the Mordor games which had very similar elements of fantasy with dragons, melee combat and large open world sections (semi?) and some real innovation in character progression. I understand the whole DMC type cheesy dialogue the original was going for, but I’d be down for a more mature action adventure game with the same gameplay core but remove some of the those needless online elements.

It’s not going to happen. Not sure if the relationship is mendable there.

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my question is do people at the moment care about bringing Scalebound back or wanting Xbox to get more Japanese support and this game shall be that? My take would be there’s zero reason anymore that this has to be done by a Japanese developer (like Platinum or anyone else) hence my above mention of Monolith if the WB deal happens.

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I’d be up for Microsoft working with Platinum again but I’m not interested in trying to revive Scalebound, better to just let it die honestly.

I’ve come to terms with it. R.I.P.

I’d love for them to take another shot but they would need to be far, far into development on a solid concept before announcing it. Gamers will be hesitant to get excited for the game a second time around after what happened the first time.

To be fair, people from Platinum have defended MS, so the relationship may not be that bad.

This is a good video covering the game’s development and he goes over some of the post cancelation thoughts from the devs.

There’s a reason you haven’t heard Platinum bad mouth MS.

I’m going to assume because it was platinum’s fualt and Microsoft got the blame/flak? :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting, are you saying the soured relationship is on MS side and not Platinum?

Well I’m enjoying Astral Chain so I wouldn’t mind a Platinum action-adventure game on Xbox/PC, but I really don’t think we’ll ever see that game, which might be for the best.

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I forgot I had this game on the switch, I really need to get round and try it out, thanks for the reminder. XD

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