Wonder Woman revealed at The Game Awards - Monolith Developing

I saw that there wasn’t a topic on this so, here you go.

The one thing I truly did not see coming, Wonder Woman was revealed at The Game Awards last night. Being developed by Monolith (The Middle Earth series) all we have right now is this kick ass teaser to go off of -

Stream - Wonder Woman - Announcement Teaser - Gamersyde

And this YouTube description -

The Nemesis System is back :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

No mention of a release date (So expect real late next year/early 2023). Now, time to theorize.


I’m really excited for this game . I do hope they go for Batman Arkham or Shadow of war style artstyle instead of semi-realistic semi-cartoonish style like Suicide Squad or Gotham Knights .

I think the combat is going to be really good with alot of variety e.g Swords , Punches , Lasso and Gauntlets . Oh and the shield too . Cant wait .


Yeah, Wonder Woman is supposed to be one of the premiere hand to hand combatants in the DC Universe. They need to go crazy with the gear.


There was a lot of weapon variety in Shadow of War so I’m hopeful . Should we expect her to fly tho ?


She really should, but they might not (to make development easier) and then go, ‘most people don’t realize she can fly, anyway’, :sweat_smile:.

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No platforms announced is rather strange cause it’s obviously years away and won’t be crossgen.

Could be due to acquisition talks or moneyhat negotiations.

Either way, I can’t help but compare it to the Indy game announcement.

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I dont think its going to be money hatted , no WB game has ever been money hatted . Tho I think not giving out any platforms does indicate that they are in some kind of negotiations .

I get the feeling that its further off than that, but who knows. That was basically a logo reveal.

They haven’t released a game since 2017 so I think 2023 is a safe prediction cuz I imagine the scope of this game is going to be huge .

Could be cool or really bad. I don’t know what to expect. It’s intriguing to say the least.

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Will they give Diana pants :thinking:

Its going to be like the DCEU suit .

I’m not super familiar with the character, except the first movie which I really enjoyed. But does she in the comics?

Yes . She is one of the oldest DC characters and is considered part of the trinity i.e Batman , Superman and Wonder Woman .

Hopefully there’s better unlockable costumes :joy:

So pants? Ok, that’s gonna look a bit odd, lol. Only because I’m used to her movie look.

na . Its gonna be DCEU inspired suit . Its in the trailer .

I think there will be more as microtransactions :phil_lmao:


Usually it’s a skirt or grandma bloomers :joy: Only asking the question because we all know how capital G gamers can be lol season 3 the great snail race GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

There’s a first for everything.

I’m more leaning towards this being either a) so far they didn’t bother putting platforms, which is still weird, or b) a major pub/platform might be acquiring WBIE studios.

Don’t think the folks in marketing would be told “we might get bought so don’t put any platforms on the trailer.” Even if it was announced with platforms, that is not a contractually binding thing. It can change.

Think that Sony PTSD might have you reading into it too much.