Wonder Woman revealed at The Game Awards - Monolith Developing

Why would they have to be told anything specific, there’s actually no reason to believe they would have to be told why.

Contractually binding or not, who wants the headache of dealing with the backlash?

Didn’t Deathloop in the debut trailer have Xbox too? But then Sony swooped in? Going by this, Alan Wake 2 can get a Sony deal, let’s hope not.

I’m not gonna worry about Sony potentially doing this with every game from here on out.

Have a couple thoughts

  1. The YouTube blurb mentions The Nemesis System being used for friends and foes alike. I wonder how it will work :thinking:. I know Wonder Woman’s arch-nemesis Circe can turn mortals into Beastiamorphs (man/beast hybrids) so those will be the ‘officers’ she gains an animosity with. But, allys? I guess Amazon’s, maybe?

  2. How strong will she be? Will she be pulling ⅓ of the Earth, getting punched from the Sun to the Earth & getting back up Wonder Woman? Or will she be more inline with her latest live-action counterpart?

this is what I expect.

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