Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty |OT| R̶o̶m̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ Chaos Of The Three Kingdoms

Hopefully performance is imporoved by launch or day 1 patch

My most anticipated gsme so far. Cant wait.

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The game is almost out so i’ve transitioned this thread into an OT. It’ll also be getting some type of collaboration content with Naraka.

[ #NARAKA x #WoLong ] Collaboration with popular Chinese action game “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT”!

#NARAKA will implement collaboration content from tomorrow, In #ウォーロン , we plan to implement free equipment sets for Koya and Canghai in future DLC !



Decided not to carry over my demo save and restarted with Chinese VA

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First phase of first boss isn’t too bad anymore, but the second phase is where I keep failing horribly now. I find these attacks hard to predict and thus deflect.

Overall I don’t think this is a good thing, welcoming players into your game like this. I can see plenty people just giving up after a while. YouTuber Gaming Tech who does HDR tests and stuff said he had already given up, he just can’t beat the first boss. Gonna quit for today, tired of it.

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First boss is incredibly difficult. Like even the opening for Elden Ring was less stressful than this. Every good Souls game makes their first boss a little simple to fight, this game throws an absolutely difficult boss in before you really had time to get use to the game.


I genuinely find it a baffling decision. And on another forum I’m having a discussion with someone that basically goes “so you don’t like trial and error.” and I have to explain that I loved spending hours and hours on Dark Souls 1 and 2 and finishing it, and those games, including 3 and Elden Ring had a very good way of introducing you into the game. Like you said.

I watched a bit of Coffee with Cabesa just now where he plays the game and well, kudos man, you are good at it. That second phase is just not fun, and I keep sucking at deflecting the red attacks.

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First boss got hands but it’s clear it’s trying to teach you that parrying is the way given how Fatal strikes melt down his life bar.

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Its not even a skill issue, its literally the first level of the game. You know why Elden Ring’s first boss is a random solider in the tutorial cave? Because the player isnt supposed to have skills yet. You cant expect the player to be able to defeat General Of Man just yet. They should have just made a random demon the first boss and waited until at least the third level until the player fought him. Dont try and make your first boss that difficult it generally just takes the fun out of the game for new players.


The first couple times I fought the first boss I used all my cure pots not realizing there was even a second phase lol. I was stuck for a long while trying to beat him in the demo.

I think I was stuck trying to beat Margit in Elden Ring for longer though. That guy took me a couple days.


Love the game, the settings and all. But, the first boss is really pulling me off, it may be a tutorial to parry or whatever, however is totally unfair one. At very least, they should give more flasks or less damage from the guy or making the party guy more useful. I don’t know, this fight is pulling me off; the first phase is doable, but no need at all to have such an aggro second phase as the first boss when you character has barelly upgraded. I have enjoyed souls games, love Dark Souls, adored Elden Rings, but never felt so frustrated in a game such as this one, because it is the first fucking boss. Maybe I’m getting old and dont have the time to spend on games as I used too, but really considering pulling this off and sticking with Souls Hackers 2 on easy which has been a freaking chilling experience so far, LOL. Gonna give some more tries tho.

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I am at a side mission looked up if other players were having trouble and well most people hate this one so at least I know I dont completely suck at the game haha

I don’t think it has much to do with getting old, even if we are, lol. I bet that if we were to try Dark Souls or ER it would be fine. It truly is not a good start to your game, that’s for sure.

I do wonder though, can we make it easier for ourselves by just backtracking in the area, killing enemies, leveling up at the flag until we got at least some more health or is this going to take ages?

Also, trying to understand the morale system. Say the boss is morale 15, can I just keep fighting enemies until I have a significantly higher morale than the boss and do much more damage? Is that how it works?

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Yeah, I think farm morale could help here. It is something Im looking forward to do at this point.Its something I always do in souls games anyways.

I beat him!!! I’m so fucking happy right now. Because I was starting to fear I would give up on this, while I otherwise absolutely loved everything I had been playing so far. I will never say I’m a fan of how the dev did this, but I am so glad I can continue now.

Phase 1 was really easy, just rush him like there’s no tomorrow and making sure to deflect the red attacks, once I nailed that phase 1 was over.

Phase 2 I had been making the mistake of keeping too much distance and running around him. This time I stayed close to him and tried to avoid or deflect his attacks, managed to deflect the red attack twice and this gave me the chance to hurt him really bad. At this point divine beast wasn’t ready yet, my health was less than half, no potions. But he was down, so a few more hits made the divine beast button prompt appear.

Problem with morale is I had 20 morale but the boss killed me and I had 10 left. But they can’t take away your general level and health. So grinding to level up some more is always an option.

Yeah, I’ve done that myself too in Dark Souls games. I always thought it was something to feel “ashamed” of, but on the other hand, screw it. Not everyone can be a Souls king, haha.


Thats great man! Huge congrats! Gonna give a few more tries, because the game looks interesting to me.

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This might b the first game on xcloud i quit. Gonna have to just play on tv whcih means few few play sessions.

Game runs fine. Honestly the lag and input ive got no issue with…its the damn screen size which ive had 0 issues with other games. Text is way too small

I hope you succeed man. Especially because apparently this really is one of the very few times a boss is truly hard. Jesse said it and I read it on other forums too that everything after this honestly is absolutely doable.

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Word of advice, for all those struggling with the parry mechanic, decide early if you wish to persevere or stop cos if you ain’t comfortable with it you are not beating Lu Bu. Holy crap that was trial and error and a serious adrenaline rush. Great boss but deffo a wall / skill check.

I’d compare this game to hollow knight almost, you gotta learn the paterns, progress, and eventually beat the boss. When you do it’s a great sense of achievement, and when you do it once, you can almost farm it.

I started the game today for a bit and didn’t start where the demo leaves you at because you miss all early achievements, so I started a new game, beat the first boss in the second try, first was very close too.

Also some people may not realize you beat the first boss in the second phase when it reaches 50% hp, you press Y+B and yo win, didn’t realize this for like an hour at first and came close to beating him without that, kinda wonder what happens if you do it that way.

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