Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty |OT| R̶o̶m̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ Chaos Of The Three Kingdoms

184 AD, Later Han Dynasty China.

The land is overcome by chaos and destruction.

The Imperial Dynasty that prospered for many years is now about to collapse.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action-role playing game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo. It’s released on March 3rd, 2023 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The full game is also playable with a Game Pass subscription.

The standard game costs $59.99 USD, while the Digital Deluxe Edition costs $84.99 USD and comes with the following content:

  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (full game)
  • Digital Art Book
  • Digital Mini Soundtrack
  • Season Pass (Includes additional DLCs Battle of Zhongyuan, Conqueror of Jiangdong, Upheaval in Jingxiang, and Season Pass Bonus Qinglong Armor)

Note: Release dates for the DLCs included in the Season Pass may be subject to change.

  • DLC “Battle of Zhongyuan” scheduled for release in June 2023
  • DLC “Conqueror of Jiangdong” scheduled for release in September 2023
  • DLC “Upheaval in Jingxiang” scheduled for release in December 2023


From the depths of darkness, a dragon soars


From Masaaki Yamagiwa, the producer of Bloodborne, and Fumihiko Yasuda, the producer of Nioh. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a dramatic, action-packed story of a nameless militia soldier fighting for survival in a dark fantasy version of the Later Han Dynasty where demons plague the Three Kingdoms. Players fight off deadly creatures and enemy soldiers using swordplay based on the Chinese martial arts, attempting to overcome the odds by awakening the true power from within.

Wo Long refers to a crouching dragon, and also refers to a hero or person of greatness who is not yet known. This is the story of officers, who will later become heroes, during their ‘unknown’ period, and also the story of a protagonist’s rise from being a ‘nobody’.

Demons in the Kingdom

A dark fantasy set during the chaotic Three Kingdoms period, the narrative vividly tells the tale of a militia soldier’s strenuous fight for survival during a Later Han Dynasty infested with demons. It’s madness in the Three Kingdoms like never before!

Awaken the Power

Defeat deadly enemies to boost morale and awaken the power from within! Overcome adversity through unique new strategies, including battle styles based on the “Five Phases.”

Live by the Sword

Renowned for ruthless strikes that can change the tide of battle in an instant, sword practitioners of the Chinese martial arts gracefully change pace as they shift between offensive and defensive maneuvers. Overwhelm opponents with a flurry of force in a series of intense and bloody battles while learning the precision and skill necessary to become a true master of the sword.

Various Play Styles with Weapons and Wizardry Spells


Choose from a wide variety of weapons, from glaives to dual swords, to discover which fits your fighting style.

Wizardry Spells

This secret art draws upon the power of the Five Phases, which allow for attacks using such elements as flames and ice. Upon achieving higher Morale Ranks, you can gain the ability to utilize even more powerful Wizardry Spells.

Divine Beasts

Divine Beasts like Zhuque and Baihu are brought forth through alliances with other warriors. By calling upon these Divine Beasts, you are able to perform feats of great power.


Maintain A High Morale

Enemies you encounter in this game have a Morale Rank, which determines how strong they are. Your character also has a Morale Rank, which increases as you progress and kill enemies. If you die, the enemy that killed you steals your Morale, increasing their rank and lowering yours. You’ll have to track down and kill that enemy to regain the Morale you lost. If you die again before recovering your lost Morale, that Morale is gone and can no longer be saved.

  • Enemies with a Green circle, means they’re below your rank.
  • Enemies with a Yellow circle, means they’re 1-4 points higher than your rank.
  • Enemies with a Red circle, means they’re 5 or more points higher than your rank.

Unfaltering Fortitude

Finding Battle Flags and Marking Flags will increase your Fortitude Rank. Having high Fortitude is key in maintaining a high Morale. If you were to die while having a Morale Rank of 5, while your Fortitude Rank is also 5, you will not lose Morale. Your Morale Rank will not drop under your Fortitude Rank upon death, so finding flag spots is important.

When starting a new stage, your Fortitude will reset to 0 along with your Morale. Your Fortitude and Morale may also reset if you decide to replay a mission you previously completed.

Your Spirit Must Not Waver

This is a game that will reward you for playing aggressively. The more you use your normal attack, and the more you successfully deflect the enemy, the more your Spirit Gauge will fill. Contrarily, the more defensively you play by blocking or performing unsuccessful deflects, the more your Spirit Gauge will lower. Once your Spirit is at it’s lowest, for a short time you will no longer be able to cast Wizardry Spells or perform Martial Arts, and the enemy can also break through your defense, leaving you stunned and open for an attack.


However, when your Spirit Gauge is full, you can deal increased damage to the enemy by performing a Martial Art or Spirit Attack. These two abilities along with Wizardry Spells will drain your Spirit, so be careful not to use them consecutively.

Wuxing, The Five Phases

In Chinese philosophy, there is a concept called Wuxing. It can be translated to mean “The Five Elements” or “The Five Phases”, with The Five Phases themselves being Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In Wo Long, these Virtues are what determine your stats. As you defeat enemies and gain morale, you will also gain Genuine Qi which is used to improve your character. Invest enough Qi into your Virtues, and you will gain the ability to cast Wizardry Spells.

Note: Even though your Morale and Fortitude will reset between missions, you will still keep your attributes and leveled Virtues.


Wood Virtue

Support oriented. Strong against Earth, weak against Metal. Leveling the Wood Virtue affects HP and the amount of Spirit lost when attacked. The Wood Virtue also has access to healing and buffing spells of various types.

Fire Virtue

Attack oriented. Strong against Metal, weak against Water. Leveling the Fire Virtue affects the amount of Spirit gained when attacking, and the amount of Spirit consumed by Martial Arts. Its buffing spells are focused on increasing the caster’s offensive capabilities.

Earth Virtue

Defense oriented. Strong against water, weak against Wood. Leveling the Earth Virtue affects the equipment weight limit and the amount of Spirit gained when deflecting an attack. The spells for the Earth Virtue typically have knockback effects and are great at keeping multiple enemies at bay.

Metal Virtue

Debuff oriented. Strong against Wood, weak against Fire. Leveling the Metal Virtue affects the duration that a high level of Spirit can be maintained for, and the amount of Spirit consumed by Wizardry Spells. The Metal Virtue’s spells are centered around Damage-Over-Time and increasing the potency of status effects inflicted on opponents.

Water Virtue

Stealth oriented. Strong against Fire, weak against Earth. Leveling the Water Virtue affects how easily enemies can detect you and the amount of Spirit consumed when deflecting. It offers quick-firing offensive spells of both the single-target and AoE variety. It also has spells with traversal components as well as those that cater to stealth-oriented playstyles.

There’s still much that I didn’t cover. For a more in-depth look at the battle system, or if you’re looking for a few tips, I suggest visiting The Wo Long Wiki Guide.


If I purchase the PlayStation®4 version, can it be upgraded to PlayStation®5? Does the same apply for the Xbox One version?

If you purchase a physical copy of the PlayStation®4 version, you can upgrade it at no additional cost to the PlayStation®5 digital version.

The Xbox One physical version is Smart Delivery supported. Depending on your system, you can get the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S version at no additional cost. The digital version is Xbox Play Anywhere compatible, so purchasing one version allows access to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Store versions.

Can save data from the PlayStation®5 version be carried over to the PlayStation®4 version? (via cloud servers)

Yes, it is possible. For the PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 version, the data can be carried over by selecting Title Menu > SYSTEM > Manage Cross Save.

For the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Store versions, it is automatically synced to the cloud. Cross save between different hardware makers is not supported.

What types of online multiplayer are available?

There are three types, including the co-operative mode “Recruitment”

  1. Recruitment: Cooperative play with up to 3 players (including yourself)
  2. Co-op: Up to 3 players (including yourself) can play together through a friend or set password.
  3. Invade: Invade another player’s mission as an enemy or be invaded by an enemy

In the Options menu, allowing online players to Invade can be enabled or disabled.

Is crossplay in online multiplayer possible?

Online play is possible between the following versions. Crossplay between different hardware is not supported.

  1. PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4
  2. Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Microsoft Store
  3. Steam®

Can the character creation be changed later? Can it be shared by character code as in Nioh?

As the game progresses, the appearance of the character can be changed as often as you like. Also, characters can be shared by using a code. However, code sharing is limited within the following categories.

  1. PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4
  2. Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Microsoft Store
  3. Steam®

Is there an item that can be used or a way to play the game always at low or zero Morale?

This is not supported. It may be considered for an update.

For more questions, visit The FAQ Section for Wo Long.




The demo is only available until March 26th. You can transfer your demo save to the full game, and you will also aquire the “Crouching Tiger Helmet” for use in the full game for completing. You can also acquire the helmet if you have save data from the first demo from September.

To collect your helmet in-game, go to your Battle Flag to “Rest”, and then select “Deliveries”.

Note: The item “Crouching Dragon Helmet ★4” is a reward limited to the demo version, but it is possible to obtain the item “Crouching Dragon Helmet ★1” in the full game.


How many demos does a game need :joy:

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Nice demo OT! can’t wait to see the transformation to the full release one! :partying_face:

I’ll check out the demo later today, curious to see if the annoying loot of Nioh is still in this one too. I am not planning to play the game at launch since I am busy with other games at the moment but hopefully Team Ninja will deliver with this one.

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The one thing I hope is that visually it’s cleaned up a little compared to the first demo. It looked like as if the sharpness on the TV was cranked up way too high, but it wasn’t. Make it clean like Sekiro and we’re golden.

I played more than Souls… so I made it like 10 minutes lol.

I’ll try again at the full release. For some reason this stands out to me but I also don’t generally like “hard” games. At least not ones I can’t change.


So yeah, I got wrecked by the first ‘tiger’ you meet lol.

I guess I’ll give it another try when the full game is on GP, but I probably won’t get much further.

It plays like a faster Sekiro without the need for so much deflecting, I like that. It definitely looks significantly better than the first demo too.

Played through it, only other soulslike I’ve played is elden ring so bear that in mind, played like two hours of sekiro but it bored me so I gave up on it quickly.

I’m not gonna explain how it plays because if anyone is interested can either try it himself or just look up videos, but I am gonna say the combat is extremely satisfying and rewarding, very fast paced, even faster than sekiro.

There are some things that bothered me though, some a little some a lot, for example in the demo, granted it’s just the first two levels if you can call them that, every enemy between bosses is the exact same thinig, humans or humanoids with similar attacks, zero variety, I hear nioh games are massive and have a lot of variety though so I think that will change. Also, while the first boss is very beautiful and has tons of paterns, the other two have much less attacks and are not as exciting, but that’s not a big problem because again, that can change.

What is a big no no for me though is, there are two graphic modes, resolution and performance, from what I understand performance is variable resolution with a locked 60, resolution is locked 4k with fps that sometimes dip to 50 which is bearable. The problem is, I found a fight outside the last boss of the demo, where the fps dipped to 30 or even less for me, which is horrible, especially in this type of game. I really hope this gets fixed and we don’t have drops under 50, and definitely not under 30.

Another thing I didn’t like is spells seem to be irrelevant, again, good chance this won’t be the case in the full game. I’m 100% gonna play this, it’s very fun to play and the boss fights are worth it, issues are minor and can be overlooked / fixed. Also play it on japanese dub, english is not it,

Fun game, although I find that there is no purpose to the block, why would I try to block an attack and build counter fortitude on myself to help the enemy eventually break me, when I can counter (with a sizable window) and get a few hits in to reverse the negative fortitude on myself and apply more to the enemy?

Blocking imho only really works in a game that neither punishes you for it or that every move IS block-able.
As soon as you apply moves in the game that aren’t blockable and provide an alternative move / technique to counter those whilst also countering everything else it makes the block option pointless.

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Those framedrops are not good, no. But isn’t Koei Tecmo sadly known for not so great performance overall in their games? Kinda like how you should never expect 100% smooth performance from a FromSoft game.

Did you have these drops in the performance mode? Also, in the resolution mode, do you notice this very brief hiccup in the framerate too? Basically when you walk around or rotate the camera it stops for like a second or less, but it’s noticeable.

Performance seems to unlock and go above 60, with resolution capped to 60 for me using a 1440p/120hz mode on my monitor. I am playing the full game for review though, haven’t touched the demo.

Very interesting, above 60? Impressive, but for a game like this a locked one is preferable. You don’t notice a very brief hiccup in the resolution mode? It’s like you’re panning the camera and very briefly stops every ten-twenty seconds. If that’s only in the demo, great. I might go with res mode then.

I’ve had constant hiccups but in both modes. Sometimes the game just hitches for a second out of nowhere. No rhyme or reason to it. The framerate normally is solid feeling. I do have VRR

Ah damn, that is not good. Hopefully a day one patch that fixes it. The demo is like this too, out of nowhere a hitch. And yep, VRR. I went to make sure it was enabled, usually it fixes lots of these problems.

To be honest, I found resolution mode to have a difference in graphics big enough to sacrifice the 5 or 10 frames, which the game can consistently keep, I think the drops are more bugs than actual graphic problems, don’t know how to word it better. I just saw a friend playing on a relatively high end PC ,significantly more powerful than a series x, and the game ran worse, much worse, when bosses hit him fps dropped below 20 for a second, I’m hopeful it will get corrected.

I can live with actual frame drops more than with those hitches. Those hitches really take you out of it, but framedrops are doable, not ideal though.

A drop from 60 to 50 is fine, a drop from 60 to 25 for 15 seconds until you finish a fight isn’t ok. This happened once for me in the whole demo, if you wanna try it out go outside the last boss of the demo there is a big guy with a bunch of smaller guys around him, close to the flag, maybe it’ll happen to you too.

I haven’t had a single period of prolonged drops, only occasional hitches in the full version of the game.

I’ll go give the demo a longer try tomorrow, all weekend haven’t had a real chance to play it for long. I haven’t gotten super far yet, no bosses.

On resolution mode on the series x? If so that’s great