Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Demo on Xbox Series S/X (Up now)

The Demo is now up on the Xbox Store


Seen multiple reports of the Xbox demo crashing after tutorial unfortunately

yeah, it happened to me, I wonder if I start a save without doing tutorial if it would fix issue

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Might be worth a try, didn’t see anyone try that

yeah, that doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Hopefully there’s a fix soon

Found a work around for the crash issue on Twitter.

When you get into the Demo area after the tutorial immediately disconect your Xbox from the Internet!

Worked for me!


I don’t get how such issues even happen. Is a demo not play tested? It’s right after the tutorial too, so surely one playtester notices it.

From Twitter I understand PS5 doesn’t have this issue. Hope there’s a update for it soon.

It’s better than nothing, that’s for sure.

Ill check this out. Remember nioh 2 got a demo as well

Lol the game crashed twice in a row in the main area past tutorial within seconds of starting it

Did the offline trick and beat the entire demo without a single crash lol

This game pretty much confirms what i thought it would be. Nioh 3 china addition with subtle changes. The demo was a bit rough frame rate wise here and there nothing major but would like locked 60 in the final game

Overall its a must play for me personally. I love these games and not being able to play Nioh on xbox would compensate for that.


would you still be able to get that helmet if you beat it offline? Also how long is it

Damn no last gen.

I didn’t have the chance to play it myself but did watch the stream. Jesus this game looks incredibly challenging. It’s great for those that want a real challenge but I don’t know if I will be up to it. I just don’t seem to have the patience anymore for trial and error too much.

I guess we’ll see. I’ll check the demo tomorrow, hopefully they bring a patch for the demo because having to go offline is annoying.

Yeah just go online after it doesnt matter. The game actually doesnt crash after i loaded up saves deep in thr demo.

Demo can be anywhere from an hour to 2 hours. Maybe more if you grind.

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I think thats a good thing honestly. This gsme needs to be proper optimised for current gen. I remember playing playing nioh 2 on base ps4 and it was an awful experience at launch.

We need to let those systems go.

Oh and the game doesnt crash whatsoever now even on line. Though it froze for a few seconds for me on the final boss which was weird.

It must have been a network issue.

Someone on Reddit gave the tip to start a new game and skip the tutorial. No crashes then, he said.

Demo not for last gen. But the game itself is coming to last gen too.

got to boss, but def need to level up a bit more since only lvl 15

Yeah i just realised. Wow…well well see how it runs. Base xbox one as well? Ooof

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On Series S I get system messeages that the game crashed but the game doesn’t actually crash, I just press cancel and it continues lol

Anyway, I played it a bit. The combat is awesome, but man it’s tough, I don’t think I’ll be playing it but I can see it’ll be a good one and a nice GP addition.

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Yeah its from the makers of Nioh. So this game will absolutely be as difficult as thst probably more so because this game gives yiu the ability to jump unlike nioh so enemies might be msde even mire aggressive

I cant wait to play it. Probably now my most anticipated game of 2023.