Windows Central: Xbox Project xCloud for iOS in deadlock, as testing comes to a halt

Not looking good for xCloud on iOS. It looks like the iOS beta app trial period has expired.

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That’s harsh for iOS users. I believe I read that Apple are really strict when it comes to their app policy. So what exacrly would have caused this?

Ugh. Apple are making it really hard for me to wanna stay in their ecosystem and I say that as someone who couldn’t really be much deeper than he is.


I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait for the government to step in and sort this shit out.


With Apple’s store policies I cant think of anything that will change this. The only thing I can think of is xCloud becoming as huge as Netflix and not having it on their platform impacts their user base numbers.


This may be the final straw that finally leads me away from the Apple ecosystem


I was planning on finally upgrading from my iPhone 6S this year, but this is certainly giving me pause.

I am in new phone season but until Australia has a roadmap for xcloud I might just fix this one and hold off

I use an iPhone and an Android daily. You feel the iPhone restrictions every time you use it. The only way around them is to go deeper and make it even more difficult to get out.

I’m still holding out hope that they have actually come to an agreement but Apple wants to announce it alongside the iPhone 12.

My suspicions about this happening was one of the big reasons I switched from Apple to Samnsung Note recently. Don’t want to be as restricted going into this cloud based 5G world we’re on the brink of. You’d think with Kindle working on the platform, gaming would have the same workaround so this is just Tim being Tim. Hopefully this stuff works itself out. It definitely slows down progress.

This sucks! I might go get android tablet now

I have an upgrade that was going to be for the iPhone this fall, but maybe not. What is a solid high end Android phone that would be worth purchasing?

This is disappointing for ios users, and honestly, Apple needs some sorting out with their practices. I’m curious who will cave first and what the deal will look like. It might be a while before we see any traction though and it might just be dependent on if xbox game streaming is a success on Android.

Meh. I dont know what apples play is here, I guess they think they will one day have a great gaming sub. For once its apple copying Microsoft lol.

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Expected this, but it’s still a bummer. I might buy an unlocked midrange Android phone like the Pixel 4A and pop my iPad’s SIM into it. Pop a Razer Kishi onto that sucker and it’s a Microsoft Switch, but with cellular.

Get a Razer Kishi and a Samsung Galaxy S20.

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As expected…

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The problem is Apple will not back down. Apple is now what MS was 15 years ago. For example Apple refuses to work with Nvidia because of ego. How can you build a professional workstation without supporting Nvidia gpu? From my understanding MS VP Frank Shaw has spoken to congress about Apple app store polices. Lets see how this turns out. It can take years…

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The upcoming Microsoft Surface Duo perhaps?

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