Windows Central Rumor - Xbox and IOI (Hitman) prototyping a game in a Fantasy setting


Yes please. That’s all I have to say. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yep me want


:dragon_face::dragon: + IO + XGSGP = W. Cannot fucking wait.


Dragons? Scalebound?

April 16th.

April 16th.


Shadowrun… please be Shadowrun.


What i would give for a new shadow run game but I feel like obsidian would be better for that. At this point though I would even take a remake of the 360 fps as a free to play game. That game was so a head of its time

Fuck yes. I’d prefer a Freedom Fighters reboot though

Yeah we ain’t even seeing the game next year if Miles says it is still in the prototyping phase.

What’s the point of leaking this if it’s so far out and has a possibility of not even happening.

Coz why not? I mean, the rumors about fable were since 2017


This would be amazing hope it’s true

Yes, I welcome more games.

You can take this as a good sign Microsoft sees gamepass being very successful, that even with the mightiest of first parties they still look ahead 4-5 years and say to themselves “y’know, we could use even more games”

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Holy shit

Get that James Bond exclusivity or day 1 GP on the side as well.

Always loved IOI and wished MS would collab with them for exclusives. To me they’re like Ninja Theory, punching far above their weight and with the banking of MS capable of doing even greater stuff.

Yep. They continue to invest and acquire content for 3rd parties is in the very least a very good thing. Especially if it leads to further acquisitions :heart_eyes:

I kinda wish the insiders would chill some. Early prototyping means like 5 years away. It also means this game could never see the light of day.

Did you know that this video was dropping?