Will we ever get a game that captures the Sci-Fi magic of Mass Effect?

Wanna throw this out here since this is a particular type of game I wish more people tackled instead of 600 middle earth type games.

I had hope that Outer Worlds would hit on some of that sci-fi magic but I feel like it didnt feel the void of either Fallout or a Mass Effect game. Main reason Im so looking forward to Starfield cause I feel Bethesda has a lot to “prove” (they dont) with this game and the lore, feeling of awe and such should be incredible.


I agree, Mass Effect is my favorite series. I don’t know which developer right now would be the best fit for a space opera like that, but Xbox has several studios like Obsidian or InXile that could try tackling it. We might see some changes to the formula of the outer world 2 now that it will be in house so it could be more similar, but i think I’d prefer them to create or use a different ip, maybe Shadowrun?

I don’t trust Bioware or EA in their current state to deliver another good Mass Effect honestly. I wish someone would buy the ip from them and do it justice.

Sorry have to ask an slightly off-tppic quesrion. Just tried to play Mass Effect 3 via BC on my Xbox One X. But can’t get past the start screen where it says “checking for downloadable content” indefinitely. Any Idea how to fix that?

This is such a glaring hole in games nowadays. A proper, serious, wonderful space opera would be great. Bethesda will make a Bethesda game and that’s not the same thing… Bioware is…well kinda dead so I really don’t know who could do it.

At least you can get lost in Bethesda worlds and be awed in that regard and Im sure they will take all the feedback of this gen regarding story and decisions to heart and make something great like they nearly always do.

Outer Worlds just felt like Fallout lite to me with cringe and boring “Capitalism bad” humor with uninteresting characters beyond the companions.

Mass Effect is my favorite series as well. There’s just nothing else like it. The Outer Worlds was a decent game but didn’t quite hit the spot. I guess we’ll see with Starfield but the companion interactions never seem to be the focus of Bethesda games in the same way as in a BioWare title.

Mass Effect… I feel like I’ll always be chasing that same feeling, looking for another game like it. Maybe someday we’ll get a worthy successor. :slight_smile:

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I have to be in the minority but I loved Andromeda for what it was considering everything behind the creation of the game.

Mass Effect was such a masterpiece. I don’t think any games in near future will top the series. I still clearly and fondly remember the key moments in the series like few other games. There’re so many that I can’t list everything here, but one of my favorite is the opening text followed by the title ‘MASS EFFECT’ with music radiating the feeling of mystery and awe. Few other games can give such vibe.


So true, it just felt so epic, even from the beginning. The music particularly in ME1 was spectacular. Not many games have grabbed me like that game did. They really did a masterful job of dropping just enough information about the world etc to keep you informed but still curious and eager to learn more. I hope the rumored remaster isn’t a cash grab, but I’m not holding out much hope.


The title screen in Mass Effect 1 is soo good. It always gets me



Yeah, the next Mass Effect game.

Have there have been any series where the decisions from one game carry into the next like Mass Effect? That was such a unique way to tell the story and I though it was going to be come more ubiquitous as time went on, but I can’t really think of any examples of games doing it.

I’ve been hoping we’ll get a Sci-Fi RPG that captures the magic of the original Mass Effect.

The Outer Worlds comes close in some areas (companion interactions) but it’s limited budget and scope prevent it from being the one. The new DLC for it is great though, it even has music that feels like it belongs in Mass Effect.

I hope InXile’s AAA game is a Sci-Fi RPG. Has it been confirmed that it’s a new IP?

I would have loved to see how Mass Effect would have been if Microsoft continued to be the publisher. EA’s influence was obvious, especially in ME3 (not giving BioWare enough time).


Personally dont think Outer Worlds comes close in anything to Mass Effect be honest. Not tone, story, characters and such.

Outer Worlds doesnt stack up to me even against the “worst” modern Fallout Game that is 4 and I really think most of the actual love it gets (its still a good game) is from the bethesda circle jerk of recent years.

We don’t really know all that much about it, but Bethesda is working on an epic sci-fi RPG titled Starfield. It has the potential to be similar in scope and storytelling to Mass Effect. Likely not as personal or squad driven as what BioWare makes, but it’s probably as close as we’re getting in the sci-fi RPG gaming space . The bad news is that the release is still a ways off (probably 2022 at the earliest).

In the meantime, there’s multiple strong rumors going around that the original Mass Effect Trilogy is getting a remaster released before the end of the year on Xbox One and PS4, so at least we’ll get a chance to play the classic Commander Shepard story with a nice visual upgrade. Hopefully it’ll get some next-gen updates as well.

Hoping Cyberpunk 2077 and Starfield stratch that itch. If not I hope there’s another mass Effect on the way but it just seems Bioware having major issues right now, I mean they haven’t been able to get past art style for dragon age in 3 years.

I think the banner saga trilogy does. Though I didn’t play them so I am not 100% sure either.

I might get another game of Andromeda. I must be the only person that liked it.

There’s certain bits of NMS that feels a bit ME like. Only as in you are wondering around planets trying to unlock a mystery. Not with the RPG stuff and you have no crew.

Dragon Age, though not in the exact same way. Each game has a different protagonist, but certain plot points or aspects of the world can be imported into the sequels.