Will there be a Xbox Series X2 + PS5 Pro in 3 years?

  • Yes
  • No
  • PS5 pro only
  • Xsx 2 only

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In 2023 we will either be on 5nm or 3nm node, so a soc of 360mm² will be able to have a max GPU of around 16tflops, on 3nm 24tflops would be possible.

Seeing how samsung have already created a 3nm node, I think they will be available late 2023.

So 20 - 24tflops is on the cards, I would imagine Raytracing and machine learning features will be improved to but sony + ms wont want the gpu to be too different because they are mid gens.

So why make mid gens? Now this is an area which makes me think they won’t happen.

8k will be a thing, but unless you’re gaming on a 100inch+ screen its really not worth it, 8k will be really niche.

Raytracing could be the selling point, PCs will likely have better Raytracing from the start, so in 3yrs mid gens could offer higher ray tracing settings, but still this will be pretty niche.

Fps improvements are probably not viable because a better CPU might be needed.

And there is also the case of how future process nodes are developing, maybe 3nm will be the last node size, 1nm might not be possible and sony/ms will save 3nm for the next gen.

In conclusion I think the reasons for another mid gen are not worth it. Both next gen consoles are aiming higher this time around, I think they will both age better then the base consoles this gen.

The biggest reason I could foresee a “Pro” type update in 3 years or so would be a hardware-based machine learning upscaler ala DLSS 2.0. Could nearly double the perceived performance with this type of addition.

I think that Sony said that they aren’t planning a mid-gen refresh this time. Personally I would rather see the console manufacturers shorten the lifecycle of hardware to 5 years from 7.


Yeah same here I think the next gen are very good powerwise. I hope next next gen comes when 1nm is available where 60-84tflops would be possible, which would be insane.

I to rather they shorten the gen to 5 years but support cross gen till 6 years have passed .

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PS5 Pro? 100% Don’t be surprised to see the Pro come by holiday 2022.

X2? Not so sure. You’ll definitely see an XS. A Slimmer/Smaller X.

Not sure the X will need the spec upgrade though.


if Playstation does it I feel like Xbox will follow suit because they don’t want Sony to ever have the power crown again


Why would the PS5 need a pro revision?

I think next-gen is pretty future-proof. The Xbox One barely could reach Full HD resolution, and in the meanwhile Ultra HD was becoming mainstream.

Series X on the other hand is a beast. It even supports 8K resolution, which I don’t see becoming common in the next 5 years.

Absolutely believe both get a “pro model” again not because they are “needed” but because this gen proved them to be profitable and good sustainers of sales later in the gen, between them and things like the elite controller being a success I expect if anything more not less enthusiast oriented upsells this coming gen. What becomes the hook for them I have no clue but I didn’t expect them to do 4k before next gen either.

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Xbox are about to have a ton of Skus, I’d imagine. They’re treating this like the phone industry. Just watch. Buy an Xbox with the features you desire, sign up monthly for your GamePass plan - boom. It’s brilliant actually.

Xbox Series X 2 - No PlayStation 5 Pro - Yes

PlayStation 5 has a 9.2TF GPU with the possibility of being maxed out at 10.3TF as it’s of a variable variety instead of fixed. Because this also impacts the CPU speed, I can easily see PS5 Pro being 10.5TF fixed with no variables or an even higher GPU but I don’t see it matching Xbox Series X which I believe will be the most powerful and best overall console for the entire duration of next generation.

4 to 5 years used to be the norm. 7th gen was an anomaly. I don’t forsee mid gen upgrades this time around. Gen 8 PS4 and XB1 were outdated at launch hardware wise for the most part. Won’t be the case next gen.

Because the power gap is wider than many would have you believe? As the generation moves along, the gap with multiplats will only widen. The variable clocks will be a constant thorn in the PS5s side.

You won’t see a massive difference early on. Cross gen stuff will ensure that’s the case, but once gen 8 is left behind, that’s where you’ll start to see big differences


I think we will see quite a difference early on. Devs have not had much time with the nee consoles and they wont want to spend much money on the “free” next gen upgrades, so they will essentially treat them like PCs. This will mean the PS5’s smartshift + boost architecture will not be optimised and Hyperthreading will not be used. Devs will use the XsX’s single core function and get 3.8ghz which a significant boost from PS5’s 3-3.5g

There was a large 1080p to 4k shift during current gen but I don’t see anything similar happening next gen so it may not be needed this time.

If they can get costs down fast I can see them maybe giving it a try to add additional ray tracing capabilities at the same launch price.

Another thing to note is the improvement of DirectML, A.I upscaling techniques and other reconstruction techniques.

I think devs will start using internal resolution of 1080p in 3 -4 years, so it will be like there was a mid gen upgrade but without new hardware, they will be able to many more things visually at that resolution but without compromising image quality.

Lmao Series X2 nah man Talk about confusing lol

just call it Series Z Or Series W

I can see sony release PS5 Pro and Xbox will lose power crown

in 2022 or 2023 14TF-18TF console is interesting

I dont know lol, xbox 1080 pro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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