Will Sony's exclusive game portfolio lack genre diversity even more compared to Xbox's?

After the zenimax acquisition xbox will have about 24 devs and sony will have about 15.

When we look at each first party studios

Naughty Dog 3rd person shooters

SSM 3rd person action

Insomniac 3rd person open world superhero 3rd person shoot em up platformers

Polyphomy Racing

Japan studio Platformer Horror

Guerilla Open world action

Bend Open world action

Sucker punch Open world action

Xbox game studios

343 Fps

Coalition 3rd person shooter

Playground Open world racer Open world action RPG

Turn 10 Racer

Ninja 3rd person action

Compulsion First person narritive driven

Obsidian Open world action RPG

BETHESDA Open world space rpg Open world action RPG


Arcane FPS

Machine games FPS

Tango FPS

Double fine 3d platformer

The inititive First person spy action

Rare 3rd person adventure Mmo

Inexile Rpg

Undead labs Open world survival action

Now there is a lot of diversity within each of these genres but we do see sony is lacking in the RPG and FPS department. Xbox has not had games like TLOU2 or god of war, however the Bethesda, ninja theroy, the initiative and the playground B team could potentially fill that single player story driven craving. Its going to get to the point where we have 1 or 2 big games from sony in a year and 3 or 4 from xbox simply because they have a lot more studios and xgs games will be more diverse.

Its going to be very hard for sony to maintain “the best exclusives” narritive when they have 9 less devs.

Edit: jeez i never said playstation has more diversity, some you are to sensitive and will insinuate stuff thats not even in my OP.


It already does lack diversity from their first party and heavily depend on the variety from third parties that just skip xbox for the most part. The Sony games although great most look the same-ish and all follow the same template.


I’d say it already does.

The 2020 XGS lineup was nothing short of incredible regarding the range (even if they were not all exclusive due some contracts) and will only get better with teams having full creative control due gamepass and the sheer amount of studios.


True, but the majority perception is going to start to change. Casual playstation owners and fans will be swayed green when games like fable, hellblade 2, doom, starfield, elder scrolls, fallout etc etc are not coming to playstation.

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If they continue to kill their actual creative and diverse studios like Japan Studio (still pissed over that), then yes, of course. Like others, I would say it already does.



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On another note I have started thinking about this, people MOANED Xbox was Halo, Forza and Gears. Will we see this if we start to only get Spiderman, Horizon, God of War, GT and Ghost of Tsushima sequals (Obviously we won’t see it)

All their games seem to be very big too and far inbetween which is only going to hurt them even more, it’s why I think they rely a lot on 3rd party deals. I’m thinking people might actually pick up a Xbox to play all the exclusives which in thoery should drop more often and just play their PS5 when their exclusives come out.

Sony is fine however I don’t think they’re going anywhere but they really need to keep an eye on Xbox because they’re not fucking around this generation.

Of course we won’t. Any criticism of sequelitis will be offset by “But it sells! Why kill an IP that sells?”…something Halo does. Nintendo will get a pass as usual despite releasing 6 or 7 pokemon games in 3 years.

But what they’ll really ignore is the lack of new IP. Something quite a few of Microsoft s teams are working on.


You gonna get that sequel even if its a made up story or not. Sony not gonna let sucker punch do an Infamous game lmao.

I will echo what people are saying here and what I have been saying for some time that Sony’s portfolio of games, although of high quality, definitely follow a similar template and Sony is one of the most conservative publishers out there.

Say what you want about Xbox, but it does have perhaps the most diverse portfolio of games. I mean it has a flight sim for goodness sake lol.


Looking at that graphic, it’s striking that excluding Dreams, all of those games are third person action. With the Resistance and Killzone franchises mothballed, they’ve completely ceded the FPS genre to Microsoft. Horizon is about the closest they have to an RPG. Nothing turn based. When was the last time they released a racing game?

All of Sony’s games are good, you can’t fault them on quality. They’re clearly comfortable in the niche they’ve carved out for their first party studios. It is what it is I guess.

For starters

There is not a single FPS game in playstation studios 🤦

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Sorry I should’ve said it better I mean like we won’t see people moan about the sequels like people did for Xbox, that’s my bad.


Moving forward, it’s shaping up like each of the big 3 will have a genre that almost defines their identity.

Nintendo always has the best platformers, with Donkey Kong, Kirby, Mario & Yoshi.

PlayStation has the best 3rd person cinematic action titles, like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man & Uncharted.

Xbox will have WRPGs to die for, from Bethesda, Inxile, Obsidian & Playground.

But I wouldn’t say that any of them will badly lack diversity. They all branch out.

Nintendo also do RPG stuff like Fire Emblem, Pokemon & Xenoblade. Splatoon is their take on the 3rd person shooter & online multi-player. Captain Toad & Luigi’s Mansion are delightful action puzzle games. Mario goes golfing, karting, to the tennis, wherever they feel like taking him it’s always fun. Zelda of course dominates the 3rd person action genre.

PlayStation always do quirky different smaller titles. Stuff like Bound, Dreams, Journey, Nex Machina. Gran Turismo is evergreen. Plus you just know a guy like Fumito Ueda will likely gravitate towards PlayStation to fund his next out-there masterpiece.

Xbox already have all kinds of diversity going on. They bring Battletoads (2D beat-em-up), Flight Simulator (flight simulator), Ori (metroidvania), Sea of Thieves (online multi-player cartoon pirate simulator), State of Decay (base building strategy survival thing). They’ve already did great 3rd person stuff like Gears, Kameo & ReCore & now a fully funded Ninja Theory are going to light up that scene. Forza dominates racing, whether you prefer arcade style or more of a simulation. Halo remains the king of the FPS unless you’re some kind of CoD scrub.

The great thing about Xbox finally stepping up is that we will have all 3, with their own obvious strengths, putting out top quality gaming experiences big & small in a variety of genres, bouncing off each other & trying to outdo each other. This could be one of the best generations that gaming has ever seen.


The stupid thing is I actually love Forza, Gears and Halo and so do a lot of Xbox players so saying Xbox is just that as some sort of diss is just silly. Like I 100% get Xbox needs more games (which you could argue they do now) but I don’t think Forza, Gears and Halo should go anywhere. Those 3 games sell like really well and they wouldn’t keep making them if that wasn’t true.


And those games wont give off any fatigue cause for the first time in nearly a decade xbox will have enough studios and games in the pipeline to space them out.

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Yeah this makes me happy, they can easily be given much more time too as there will be plenty of games in future. Means we can get even bigger games in those franchises which is exciting.

Yeah I never said there were :thinking:

It already has, the problem is media and Sony fanboys only care about “3rd person sad dad forest simulators” so they ignore the “variety” issue Sony has had most of last gen.

MS studios put out a MUCH MUCH larger variety of games and high quality ones at that. Eventually MS may get credit for this but not until the Sony stranglehold over the media and blind zombies break.

For me personally, I prefer Sony’s first party exclusives over Microsoft’s and it’s not even close. Microsoft needs to give ME what I want and they simply haven’t thus far and even if/when they do, they need to make sure that their games are of equal or better quality than Sony’s and until they prove me wrong, that will be my primary concern when it comes to Microsoft and Xbox.

My favorite games to play are the third person single player story driven focused action adventure games that have excellent combat and gameplay, an amazing story and characters, gorgeous visuals (that Microsoft better start surpassing) and great music and voice acting. Despite Ubisoft being my #1 publisher and developer, Sony has been kicking their ass and everyone else’s too giving me my 2017, 2018 and 2019 game of the year. 5 of my top 6 games of the generation are Sony’s exclusives.

Sony simply hits. People mention diversity and different genres but why would they do that when what they’re doing has been extremely successful, sells 10m+ easily with nearly every title, are critically acclaimed the vast majority of the time and more gamers/consumers jump into the PlayStation eco-system because of it.

I personally don’t want Sony changing at all simply because they give me the games I want the most. Playing through and completing Miles Morales and vast majority of Sony games, you can see and feel that you’re in for a special ride. Haven’t had that feeling from a Microsoft game since Xbox 360.

So yeah, Sony will lack in having different genres but at the same time, they don’t need to change what they’re doing because like Nintendo, they have a massive hardcore loyal fanbase that will keep buying and playing the games that they release because they know that they’re getting an experience that no one outside of Rockstar can deliver.

With all of that said, im looking forward to around 12 games from Microsoft’s first party studios. However, games like an Avowed or Starfield are just 50/50 for me. There’s no guarantee that I will even like/enjoy the game to where I play it to completion. Because of Game Pass, I will give these games a chance but if they were not on Game Pass, in no way, shape or form would I buy them because im not buying 50/50 games.

There’s a reason why I want to see Fable with realistic visuals and not a cartoon art style because you have the best technical console and this is what you’re going to give me? Sorry and people can love that art style but I don’t. I can’t take you seriously if this is what you’re going to give me on a consistent basis while the competitor has the inferior console yet is blowing me away with their visuals while the company that should be doing this isn’t.

There’s a reason why I own both a Series X and PlayStation 5. With Sony’s exclusives, I have literally no worries or concerns. I know exactly what im getting and that is an easy 9/10+ with every exclusive that I end up completing and here’s the main difference - like them or not, I don’t need to see gameplay of God of War Ragnarok to know that it will be amazing because I have 100% confidence and trust in Sony’s first party studios.

Microsoft on the other hand needs to earn my confidence and trust. They will only do this by giving me amazing exclusives. If they’re giving me the Crackdown 3’s, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2’s of the world, they’re not going to be getting that trust and confidence from me.

Nintendo has proven their shit for 30 freaking years. Sony has proven their since PS3. Microsoft had proven their shit with Xbox 360 and over the last decade, fell off a cliff and now need to earn it all back.

On the positive side, I do like and believe in Phil Spencer as he seems to be the only person capable of knowing what to do since Peter Moore. So as this generation progresses, im hoping that Microsoft can win back my trust and confidence in regards to their first party games because that’s all they really need to do for me. I have no other issues or complaints whatsoever and if I do, they’re so insignificant that it doesn’t even matter.

Halo Infinite looks like what it should have looked like last July but okay, the delay was necessary and warranted. If Microsoft can kick off their run with Halo Infinite to where im looking at a 9/10 for me personally and a game of the year contender, then they will definitely be heading in the right direction for me.