Will Sony be Acquired?

Right now hmmm No Japanese government will not allow it

this is a myth.

Microsoft can acquire whomever they want in Japan. As long as they pass a “test”. Given they’ve already tried to acquire Square and Nintendo in the past, I’m gonna assume they passed the test already.


Who do you think they could acquire?

If I had to guess at the moment (assuming they’re even looking at publishers anymore), Capcom or Square.

I base that off…

Sony started moneyhatting Bethesda games, so Microsoft bought them lol. Sony has also been moneyhatting, or trying to moneyhat Square and Capcom games.

Maybe MS will just buy them too lol


Interesting thought. Might buy an excellent way of fighting back Song timed deals attempts and making their investments useless.

Capcom really fits well MS strategy imho.

In the unlikely event Sony were to be acquired, I’d presume most gamers would want Microsoft to be the one that nabs them?

Given that you know…Microsoft still believes in consoles.

You’d then be adding all of Sony’s studios to XGS as opposed to adding them to…nothing.

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Good points.

didn’t they pass the law that prohibits that kinda thing only recently, like 2017 or something? All those efforts of acquiring Square and Nintendo were much much earlier.

They did for major IT Tech firms. Square, Nintendo, Capcom, SEGA, Sony all fit that bill. JP Games, White Owls, Valhalla, Platinum, etc. less so.

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I said on another site that there’s more chance of Sony being acquired by one of the big ones than there is than Sony being able to acquire the likes of EA. That they are a relatively small company playing in an in increasingly major area.

I was told no, I was wrong including by an insider. That they could easily acquire EA if they wanted to etc. I have honestly no idea what planet people are living on.

I don’t think they will be acquired but if you’re wanting a straight in to the games business buying them is great way to do it.

They can theoretically but it requires debt, shareholder approval, government approval and a bidding war with Microsoft and Amazon.

Exactly, it’s just not going to happen.

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Also now MS technically has a Japanese company with Tango that they can use via proxy lol

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I can see Sony being acquired outright by Tencent at some point. It all depends on how this upcoming generation goes. Sony is already losing a lot of money on both console SKU’s and probably won’t decrease any time soon. They’re having yield issues which is basically flushing money down the toilet and they’re spending a lot of money on timed exclusivity. We’ll see what happens though. I would prefer Microsoft to acquire Sony or any publisher for that matter over Amazon, Google and Tencent.

I doubt tencent would be approved. Japan is actively working with companies to move production out of China. I can’t see them approving a Chinese company to buy Sony.

I remember there were rumours that Apple wanted to buy Sony Pictures, so why not the whole of Sony including PlayStation?

now this would be hilarious

Apple vs MS in the console space - like the good old days

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