Will Sony be Acquired?

I know there’s a lot of talk about which studios need to be gobbled up, but if Amazon or Google want to actually compete there’s really only one solution.

Buy Sony.

It’s an incredible thought but one based in the reality of today’s landscape. If that does happen (maybe just the Playstation division not all of the company, but probably not) then they’d be the favorite right away to win the coming cloud war.

If I’m a Playstation fan I’m getting used to the idea. Its probably the best thing to happen to Playstation at this point. It’s becoming more and more obvious that they’re going to be left behind.

I could see Amazon doing so, if Sony were willing to talk. It makes their solution completely legitimate in one fell swoop. But if I had to guess, eventually TenCent acquires Sony


No way in hell. The Japanese government would never allow it nor would the antitrust bodies. They have their fingers in too many pies.

See I’m not convinced. If they were to do a “merger” instead of a full take over it could go a long way to alleviate some concerns.

Plus, isn’t the whole Japanese government thing a meme?

If Sony was an American company, and PlayStation was its only business, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility; that isn’t the case, however. So, no.

Edit: An exclusive partnership, on the other hand, is something that could still happen; Sony’s Azure deal suggests other plans, though.

Can someone show me where it’s impossible for a non Japanese company to buy a Japanese company? I don’t believe it’s true but instead a false internet narrative. I even have found instances of this happening after researching it for 2 minutes.

Japan brought in some new protection laws recently to stop their most valuable companies being acquired.

Impossible for major IT and Telecom firms like Sony. Not impossible for single studios, maybe publishers but difficult.

I’ll read about this specific restriction later today when I’m off work. From what I’m seeing on here the restriction doesnt completely prevent the purchase if approved by the government. Considering the spirit of the law is to prevent China from spying I think it may still be a possibility for Amazon to buy Sony.

I’ll dig into it later and get back to the thread

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Sony has too much baggage that’s not worth it just for Playstation., Like how would Amazon or Google incorporated a company that also focuses on insurance, real estate, image sensors etc

However I do believe that Google and Amazon will gobble up bigger publishers. Amazon buying EA and Google buying Activision would massively change the gaming landscape and if they made games exclusive to their platform…Holy shit Playstation would be fucked

Nintendo could survive because they’re in their own lane and Microsoft has everything they need to be self sufficient but Sony would get hammered by losing EA and Activision third party games that they wouldn’t get a cut of.

Don’t think that would happen but what a kick to the balls that would be.


Understand the sentiment, but the third party publishers (the LARGE ones) stand to gain a TON by remaining Independent. I think they will, at least in the short term

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Considering how close EA and Microsoft have been over the years if anyone does acquire them it will be Microsoft

Seems like a messy deal with all the other things Sony does.

If anything, I imagine Sony starts growing as a M&A company. We know they were looking at Crunchyroll and Leyou recently. They’re shopping.

Large third party publishers have a duty to their shareholders first and foremost. If selling increases profit for them. Then it’s a solid move to cash out and get that money. Don’t think Activision is in games just for the love of games.

lmao what is this?

No, no they won’t. :smile:

It would be 100 billion+ and I don’t think Sony is that profitable outside of Gaming these days.

crazy talk.

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Activision Blizzard has a market cap of 61 billion. Sony 96 billion. EA 37 billion.

The biggest gaming acquisition is Supercell at 8 billion followed closely by Zenimax.

Amazon has 71 billion dollars in cash on hand. Microsoft double. No way in hell do they spend more than half of their cap at minimum for any large firm.

2k, Sega, Ubisoft not 100% out of question (Ubisoft least likely to sell though and Sega will be a regulatory nightmare).

Sony as a whole, no. Playstation…one day…maybe, but the chances are too slim. Yes, there have been talks of some aggressive Sony investors trying to convince Sony to spin-off its gaming division and they have already sold a division before (Vaio/PCs), but for that to happen, the competition must mess the Playstation division so much that this is the only option left for Sony.

I can see Amazon buying Sony tbh