Will Sony be Acquired?

I don’t know if this would prevent anything that makes games. Seems very specific to companies that work with technology that might leak something about the JP government if purchased.

And apparently they followed a Trump suggestion to prevent China from taking over JP companies.

Pals, it is really too early for Sony doom days. They are fine. They have a loyal fanbase that is able to forgive them everything. As long they can count on those guys all is good for them.


No need to, theres plenty of indies and smaller pubs to buy.

I could see Amazon or google buying Take 2, capcom and others.

I can see Amazon making a pitch. I believe Sony partnered with Microsoft on cloud in order to stay independent long term. It benefits Microsoft for Sony to not get bought. An Amazon/Sony or Tencent/Sony partnership would be an unstoppable monster. Microsoft wants to thread that needle. They want Sony to stay healthy while pulling back that marketshare towards Game Pass.

Not in the immediate future, but yes, eventually.

I’d laugh my ass off if Sony ended up like Sega or even 3dfx.


Great point about the cloud partnership, wasn’t thinking about that. Awesome move on Microsofts part.

LOL no. They will be fine.

Sony has too many divisions that Amazon would have no interest in and Sony would never sell the Playstation division since that is one of their most profitable sectors. This won’t happen for a number of reasons.

If Amazon, or Google, purchased EA, Activision, etc, their stocks would take an absolute nose dive to the point that it would severely damage the company. These publishers would go from multiple potential markets (Xbox, PS, Nintendo, Stadia, Luna, PC, Mobile, etc) to a single start up platform with little to no install base. This would be horrible for the publisher and the industry. These companies joining the streaming game would be better off buying studios and not publishers.


Their stock prices wouldn’t matter anymore, they’d become subsidiaries under Amazon/Google and they’d own 100% of the companies. Yeah the revenue would take a nose dive because you’re cutting off so many players, the only question is if they can attract people to Stadia with a new COD or a new Star Wars game.

The only reason I said Sony would be fucked is because they’d lose out on tons of revenue because the cut they get from third party would take a nose dive.

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Bethesda really was a perfect storm.

  • Sells majority of their titles on PC and Xbox.

  • Private meaning the decision makers were limited to the board.

  • In financial difficulty.

None of the other major publishers are in the same position.

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You actually make a great point on the stocks, not sure what I was thinking there lol. With them being public companies though, would the stock holders, or at least those with majority shares have to agree to the sell?

Still I have to wonder if those companies are just too big to justify that kind of purchase for a streaming service with no guarantee of success. It would be a major risk and a very damaging move to the industry.

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Absolutely no way.

Sony is one of those convoluted conglomerates that where typical for the Japanese economy of the 80’s and 90’s. Fingers in many totally different pies with almost zero synergies between branches.

Short of breaking it up and selling the parts, there will be no takeover. Modern economy won’t have anything to do with something like that.

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They’re protected by the Japanese government, so, I don’t think anyone will acquire them anytime soon.

I think sony would sooner just go the sega route and become a publisher then ever be acquired. I mean spiderman sold like 15m copies and thats only on playstation if it was multiplatform it would easily be 40m

Maybe. But then again we may be living in a world where literally everyone is taken up by one of the larger publishers. Well see i guess

Sony’s advantage here is they have way to much baggage. No company wants everything sony offers and would result in major layoffs so it would have to be sony who would want to sell games division. Why do that if the worst case scenario would be become a third party publisher and sell crazy amount of copies of God of War and last of us , etc…

This. Sony has gaming, film, TV, hardware, financial services, and way more, employing 100K+ people. It’s too big.

Besides, we know Sony was interested in Leyou and Crunchyroll recently. They’re shopping to grow.

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Oh how the turntables! haha

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While it won’t happen, I could totally see Amazon having a go anyway.

Same way Microsoft has tried to acquire Nintendo in the past.

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