Will Everwild be a new Game Changer?

Yes maybe the trailer was not directly made by Rare but what you saw was actual game assets lol.

I wanna know what else Rare has in plans. Matt booty called Rare a new IP factory I was like huh?? That’s not been the case for at least a decade now. They have sea of thieves which succeeded way beyond any of their other games, then now there is one other IP, that is a very inefficient factory imo lol.

I’ve been playing Stardew Valley lately and Rare can absolutely have a big hit on their hand if Everwild is a life simulator style game like Stardew or Animal Crossing, but having AAA production as well.

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Sounds a bit strange, but its the reality of the situation. If they succeed and make 2 new AAA IPs in a decade they are better than other studios when most of them only managed maybe one? Who made 3 new IPs in the last 10 years? I can only come up with Respawn and From Software. Making new IPs now is hard and labor intensive. This isn’t the 80s anymore where Rare made 3+ new IPs every year.

Dishonored, Deathloop and Redfall so Arkane is right there I reckon too lol


Prey too, it’s basically new in everything but IP. I count it as new IP.

I’m not saying it’s not difficult to make so many IP, but there are several other studios today that better fit a descriptor of “new IP factory” than Rare of today, which to their credit, they really were back in the day. But within Xbox first party itself, we have Arkane, Obsidian, Double Fine today that shall be that new IP factories. I hate using the word “factory” due to its inherent industrial, “mass produced” implication, but nonetheless I get the idea behind what it means. Rare of today is more of a studio which seems to incubate more talent internally and lend their legacy IP to other studios than themselves being as prolific as their history was, and that’s fine, I just wouldn’t consider them to be the bastion of new IP anymore.

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I agree. I dont really think Rare is any kind of IP factory of any kind right now.

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I’d love this game to be something special as the art style they are targeting looks amazing and they obviously set out to make an entirely new kind of game. The signs are they were struggling to pull this off convincingly and something had to give.

I have a feeling it’s had its ambition ratcheted back and is a bit more of a ‘normal adventure game’ at this stage, – there was some insider chatter hinting at this lately – but that’s fine as long as it’s still good.


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