Will Everwild be a new Game Changer?

Whatever it is I hope it has a bigger story/single player focus than SoT

By all means have coop, if the game ends up looking as amazing as it does from the trailers, exploring it with other people would be amazing but dont make it pretty much neccessary like it is in SoT plz

Iv said it before but a pokemon style game where you can go capture these monsters, raise, breed, fight with them etc with these graphics and art style would be HUGE

but if iirc correctly they said they didnt want this to have combat? or am I imagining that?

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FWIW, I dont think any of us have enough knowledge (happy to accept links) to say what ‘degree’ of reboot we’re talking about here.


Can a Pokémon clone really change the game?

Eh no? We don’t know anything about it, even less about the current version.

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Xbox needs Everwild to be a game changer…


It doesn’t need to be a clone of Pokemon but the aspects of fighting, capturing, breeding monsters throughout a big open world that looks like this has massive potential, people live for those features in games and since Pokemon continues to look like games made for 2 gens ago it would feel like a massive step up

But again, the game doesn’t have to be just that, im sure they can add their own new ideas

we need to see actual gameplay before we can judge to see it can be a game changer. So far we know nothing about the game and rare doesn’t even know the gameplay mechanic/loop


It’s gonna be a nft game where you collect mons and can trade them and sell em on the auction house

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Devs first should find out what’s the game is first.

This is the truth, but because it’s an Xbox First Party game even many Xbox gamers will assume the worst case scenario.

No, until yes. We need to see some actual gameplay first.

As long as it retains that look and has no combat, it’ll be alright in my book. Maybe not a game-changer, but not many games can claim to be.

I think if we asked Grubb using superchat during his podcast , he would explain it in detail .

I think it’s hard to gauge this game because we don’t know how many people are (or were) working on it at Rare. 50 people ? 150-200 people ? Is it AAA ? Does Rare has an announced project besides Everwild and Sea of Thieves Live Service ?

This plus the complete lack of rumors or noise.

I admit I’m a little confused by Rare at the moment. It’s hard to tell if there will be a 6-year gap between Sea of Thieves and Everwild (though they’re “only” ~250 people and I guess Everwild was supposed to release this year or in 2022 if everything went well).

Rare work in mysterious ways

Yeah, it always has been a very secretive studio (unfortunately in my opinion).

Not just secretive, you can’t even predict what type of game they’ll make. At the beginning of the 360, they litterally made like 4 types of games in a span 3 years.


Everwild got revealed far too early, this seems like a title that’s going to come out far after Fable gets released. My excitement for the game is next to zero because those trailers are 100% CGI done by another company, we have no idea what to expect from Everwild other than the music being great.

It got 2 reveals, had been in development probably a bit after SoT. It just had no vision/direction so It got rebooted. It happens.

Only because it got rebooted will it come out after fable or near it now lol

No they are not lol.

Everwild: Eternals | REALTIME (realtimeuk.com)

trailers were outsourced.

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