Will Cyberpunk live up to the hype?

  • NO, There is no way the game will live up to the insane hype
  • YES, The game will just as good as its promise

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I am curious what everyone thinks. I want this game to be just as good as promised. A fully fledged multi hundred hour Cyberpunk RPG sounds almost too good to be real. Along with the launch of a brand new console, it could be truly special if they get it right.

Personally my Most most anticipated game for years, but people have Hyped it up so much it will never meet people’s expectations.

I’m really hyped for this game, but I am also really easy to please so unless something huge happens like half the game is buggy as shit or a complete shit show then I’ll most likely love it.

I don’t think so. I suspect it will be a great game, even may win GOTY, but some people have hyped it up like the second coming of Christ.

This game could get 100 on Metacritic, 9.9 from audience and sell half a billion copies and people would still complain that there is no third person mode, or the genital customization isn’t as hyped up, or there is too much/not enough Keanu. I don’t see it living up to collective hype but I suspect it will still be on the right side of history and should be a great game.

I’m expecting an 8/10, and if it delivers a 9 or 10 I will be delighted. Others are expecting a 73/10.

Honestly? I feel like the endless delays have diminished the hype a little, which could actually be a good thing for the game’s reception. I went from “CD PROJEKT’S NEXT GAME DAY 1 NO MATTER WHAT” ever since that first teaser years and years ago… to not being entirely sure if I’m grabbing it day 1; especially given that there won’t be true next-gen builds until the new year.

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It’s going to get the Red dead 2 type treatment in that it’ll be absolutely massive but either loved or hated by the community. Most things in life never match the hype but I expect it to be a very high quality experience that keeps people coming back for years.

Game will be GOTY. Can’t wait for it. Without Halo coming out, this is the biggest fall game bar none.


It’s definitely looking like it will

From all the videos I’ve seen, I’d say yes. It’s gonna live up to my hype at least. Cannot wait for this game. Easily should be GOTY from what I’ve seen so far.

It’s CDPR making it, they have a great track record and I trust them to make an amazing game, I think it will live up to the hype and then some.

Absolutely. CDPR is arguably the best developer in the industry. Three games into their extremely short history, they’ve done better than other developers have done in 10 and in some cases, even 20 years. It’s insane.

However, I am expecting the game to be delayed to Spring 2021 simply because they’re not happy or satisfied with the melee combat and they have a lot of destruction in the game so im fully expecting a delay but if not, then im expecting it to be my game of the year. Also, the next gen upgrade won’t be available until 2021 so that’s another reason it could be delayed.

With that said, im super hyped. If Cyberpunk 2077 releases this year, im expecting it to be my game of the year and I do believe that it will win overall game of the year because CDPR is simply on another level that few if any can even match let alone surpass.

And of course, Keanu Reeves is in the game!!! Can’t wait!!!

They’re delaying it until it does. So, yes.

I honestly can see it not living up to the hype for some but for me personally, yeah it will! I’ve been looking for a game to lose myself in and I want a next gen showcase, this game will be that (I will get it day one but will wait for XSX version)

Yes and no. I think a lot of people expect a revolutionary RPG with never-seen-before gameplay, graphics and such, but in reality the game looks more grounded and limited than what people are dreaming. However, it looks fantastic either way and I’m sure it will have raving reviews and sales. Just not sure it can recreate the perfect storm like The Witcher 3 did.

I’m totally fine with another delay to end spring 2021. Let them take their time polishing the game even more and every time they show it the game looks better & better. 1st impressions matter. I want RT in the game console version at launch and don’t want to wait after a patch to play it. So they better delay it and deliver the best console experience Day One.

I think imho for me personally with all I’ve seen so far it will deliver and maybe for you if you know what to expect without having outlandish wishes like some on the net.

It’s CDPR…Their name for me is synonymous with quality now and you can see it in the gameplay we’ve seen. I fully expect this game to not only live up to but surpass the hype.

Can’t wait to play it.

NO, because people always overhype things. For me personally it will live up to my hype, which has been steadily deflated. It will be a great game but not the second coming.

I expect it to be buggy as hell at launch, and tbh I’m a bit disappointed that there is no Series X-version at launch.

My expectations are in check so to speak. I’m not expecting a 10/10. In fact, no game for me in my entire gaming history has ever been a 10/10. I am expecting an easy 9.0/10 with the possibility of the game hitting a 9.5/10 for me. It depends on how I end up rating the categories for the game. For example, I rated The Witcher 3 a 10/10 in visuals, 10/10 in audio, 8/10 in gameplay/combat, 10/10 in story/characters and 9.5/10 in optional side content.

If Cyberpunk 2077 has an equal or close to Witcher level story and the combat/gameplay ends up better, then I can easily see a 9.5/10 for me overall. Does depend on what I rate each individual category. Either way, no less than a 9.0/10 and at the very least, a top contender for game of the year especially if it releases in 2021.

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As long as people are conscious all games have + & - they will be fine. There will be bugs, glitches, oddities etc. Expect it to play like a video game I know it’s funny to say it but saw people online with crazy insane expectations way out of the realm of games. No wonder they’ll be disappointed.

Personally I always take in consideration the scope, budget, workforce, talent and game design philosophy behind for a better understanding and appreciation.

CDPR just have to stay focused on quality and keep giving their best while staying humble. Nothing is earned yet till we have it in our hands. How many studios have we seen fall from grace. But from what we saw it seems really great plus they will have same dlc strat as for The Witcher 3 which was really great, then so far so good.

I just hope they don’t rest on their laurels as time goes by. Don’t forget where you came from.

Underpromise, overdeliver best mantra. Keep it up!

I agree completely. Can’t compare a massive AAA title to a small AA title because that just wouldn’t be fair to the AA game and the studio developing it.