Will Cyberpunk live up to the hype?

After the Witcher 3, I don’t know, I think it is a hard task . Although, I would not doubt CDPR.

I think so, yes. It look miles beyond ANYTHING else out there.

Not a chance with the way the people are hyping this game up to be the messiah of gaming.

I still expect it to be a genuinely great game though, but I think a lot of people have set themselves up super unrealistic expectations.

Yes, it will live up to the hype. CDPR is one of a few studios that has proven they can not only handle the hype, but also live up to it. The delays have only furthered my confidence that they are taking this being a potential generation defining game seriously. Every update has shown improvement and their willingness to pursue excellence. Barring a devastating, game breaking mistake I don’t believe this game will fail to deliver for the vast majority of hyped fans. Will there be people who are disappointed? Of course. Some still see this as a FPS, and will judge it as such. Some will pick apart the combat, some will continue to focus on what has been removed (subway/train), some will invariably point to any bugs, glitches or perceived missed details and some will critique every line of acting and mission structure. Unhappy people, surrounding a finished product, will always exist.

I have faith in CDPR. This game will deliver!