Why won't MS bring back Alan Wake?

Now I think that Remedy owns the IP for Alan Wake, but it’s pedigree is on Xbox. It was such a good game on 360, and I would love to see either a balls out remake, or a part 2 (American Dreams wasnt part 2 in my eyes).

MS has employed Remedy to make a Crossfire X, and that looks like it will be killer, but give me my Alan Wake Dammit.

Remedy dont like to keep going back to the well with their IPs, so why dont MS buy the Alan Wake IP from them and get another game going?

Alan wake is already coming back in the AWE DLC for Control

Remedy is what made that game great buying the IP from them would be a bad decision, MS should see if they are interested in being acquired or just fund the sequel, seems like the better options

As much as i understand, Microsoft wasn’t happy with the sales that alan wake had. The development of Quantum break was supposed to be the development of Alan wake 2, but because Microsoft wasn’t happy with the profit of the first one, they asked for a New ip.

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I may remember incorrectly but didn’t Remedy just recently bought the rights for Alan Wake back from Microsoft. AFAIK MS is not in possession of the IP anymore.


Some games, franchises and deva get multiple chances to create their vision in an attempt to capture great success… AW is basically video games versión of Demolition man…not a failure… But also doesn’t make back enough money compared to what the costs must be (maybe)…a cult film / game…

Pretty close, MS only ever held the publishing rights for the 1st game (and DLCs). The IP has always been with Remedy.

In fact they at one point produced a prototype for AW2 that they shopped to a number of other publishers (who presumable weren’t interested) before returning to MS which is when the QB discussions began.

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I have a feeling that whoever publishes the game, Remedy would want it to be a multi platform release… which could be a sticking point for Xbox.

However, If im Microsoft I still sign write the cheque, give Remedy all of the tools and support they need to ensure that the series x experience is the best, secure the marketing rights and have it launch on game pass… now all of the sudden the mind share surrounding the game is with xbox and it is the definitive place to play based on both fidelity and value.

that is a win for MSFT in my opinion.

Same, I’ve tried completing Alan Wake lately, the gameplay really feels like a chore. Haven’t even tried QB and Control yet. I loved Max Payne 1-2 but that’s a long time ago.

Imagine a brand new Alan Wake on XSX with their Control engine.

It could be great, I say could because while I really did enjoy the first game and the two DLC…American Nightmare really was not it Chief.

I think that Remedy don’t want to work with MS in AW2, so they wait for the right time to buy the IP. I just think that now Sam Lake is putting the pieces in the right place to get the game that we deserve and a great continuation of our beloved character.

I just have a feeling that it’s gonna be a PS5/PC exclusive, Remedy doesn’t seem like they’re big enough to fund the game on their own so I’m sure Sony will be very willing to do it for them since Xbox don’t seem interested or maybe Remedy doesn’t want to work with them? it’s a beloved game by Xbox fans so I bet Sony will be trying their best to keep the sequel away from Xbox.

Well, that’s fine that you don’t find their games appealing. But millions do, and so it would be awesome if Remedy was working with MS again to make Alan Wake 2. You just don’t have to buy it. Max Payne, Quantum Break and Alan Wake games…loved them all. If MS would financially back Alan Wake 2, that would be a win win for many gamers.

Now Platinum Games is NOT a dev that would interest me to see go with MS. But it would interest others such as yourself, so I would support it even though I don’t care for them.


Remedy’s next game has an insanely generous publishing deal with Epic for PS5/XSX/PC.


Are they working on Alan wake 2 though?

Did Quantum Break even sell a million copies? Last I checked it was commercial dud too.

That’s not how that happened. Smilegate contracted Remedy to make the campaign for Crossfire X, and then MS made a deal with Smilegate. MS are not collaborating with Remedy directly on that one.

Only commenting on this because of the comment about Crossfire X campaign - did anyone else think the SUVs looked like they were directly out of Quantum Break? Haven’t played Control yet so can’t say if there is any overlap there, but really looked like they were the same brand as what Monarch used.

MS doesn’t reveal sales. But they did say it exceeded their expectations.

Quantum Break Exceeded Microsoft’s Expectations in Terms of Sales

Two new games. Could be Control 2 or Alan Wake 2 or both or something completely new