Why is comparing console tech considered warring?

I love tech. I like gaming. I like to talk about, and discuss gaming tech. I have been tapped on the shoulder by the mods for making threads that compare the PS5 and Series X as its close to warring.

The way I see it is this.

Both Sony and Microsoft spent many years and hundreds of millions of dollars developing the PS5 and Xbox Series X. They had their smartest people putting together what they thought was the best technology for a gaming console in 2020. They made some big bets, and some big investments in these consoles. At the end of it we have the PS5 and the Series X. Why is it than when we try to compare these two companies products, and the tech decisions they made, do people consider it warring?

I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to talk about if the XSX has an advantage with its Mesh Shaders compared to the PS5s Primitive Shaders. Or to try and see if the XSX is going to have an advantage with its Machine Learning over the PS5. Or if wider and slower GPU is more performant than a narrow and fast one. How about if the PS5s SSD is a smarter way to go about I/O compared to Microsofts XVA solution.

Why do some people avoid these types of conversations?


The amount of toxic arguments are high. So its possibly not you honestly from the mods perspective but everyone else who reply’s. It would probably be hard to have a civil discussion. Just my two cents.

No issues with technical discussion at all, but from a console warz perspective?

The problem becomes when users take their investment in hardware personally and it becomes a team game, where it suddenly becomes not about the technology at all, but how ‘the other side’ will lose, fail, ‘get destroyed’ and so on.

At that point, it serves no purpose in my opinion.

I also feel you could simply say ‘both machines are avtually pretty similar’ and both will have great games. The end.

I would never discourage that technical discussion, but I would say you’d be very optimistic for it to lead anywhere good!


For sure, but if someone posts something like “SoNy sUcKs” or “Xbots are stupid” it’s pretty easy to just delete their posts and remove them from the ability to post in the thread. But if they post that they think one system or the other has an advantage in a particular area because of some particular fact, then even if they are wrong they are posting with maturity and good intentions.

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I don’t feel its a consequence of the topic but a larger one of the forum in which it is discussed, Im not sure its particular to any subject.

Communication as we do via purely text opens any conversation up to a myriad more different interpretations from the readers than if we were to discuss together face to face. Internet discourse is a very new and different kind of social interaction that we are not “wired” to trust. Add to this the difference in language, or even dialect due to us (as people) communicating across the world and any subject can be interpreted as more hostile or dismissive or baiting so easily. Then you add other issues, people (like me) who find it difficult to put what they think down as text clearly, people speaking in absolutes about any topic, Opinions being different, discussing in bad faith and just outright trolling and thats before we get to a topic being possibly “contentious”.

Then the topic, in this case comparing tech. So often the mere act of comparing comes down to being something that can only be discussed as one is wrong, one is right, after all that is a common reason to compare anything.
If we further consider a great deal of the comparing happens early on in tech, such as XboxSeries Vs PS5, we could discuss the differences on a tech level but I feel, we miss a giant part of the conversation, what those companies/devs or what that hardware does with its design decisions. The software.
We can argue about how x would be a better choice than y but if the software does not leverage it, it becomes moot. A far more, for me, interesting and deeper conversation can (and should) happen towards the end of a generation where we can point to evidence of why we think this was a good or bad idea. Until then for the reasons above its a conversation which too oft boils down to being objective, without “proof” to back up arguments and easily derailed to tribalism due to the nature of the Internet.

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I wish I could have said this as concisely, without a ramble. Basically this. The internet is a terrible place for nuanced conversation, and such topics only make it harder to discuss with nuance.


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One thing I pointed out to the mods, which they didn’t 100% agree with, was that this is an Xbox based forum. There’s not too many Sony fanboys here, so you should be able to avoid those types of wars here. I think most people can be honest about the tech in the consoles. Like you said, both are pretty similar, and both will be good platforms to game one. Last gen it was pretty definitive that the PS 4 was a far better gaming hardware than the Xbox One. More power, better RAM set up for starters. This gen there is more differences between them than last. We have a wide and slower vs narrow and faster GPU. Hardware based speed for Sony’s SSD, while XSX has a less faster SSD but MS have done other things like XVA to make the XSX perform above the 2.4gbs. Then we have MSs DirectX 12 Ultimate features which the XSX has and the PS5 lacks. There’s alot more to talk about and discuss than last gen.

Oh it’s another new @Xplainin thread. Let me take a look… 8f70997fce58f40ece4c0a41b6609f0f


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To add on to that part in particular, so much of the discussions become “fanboi fodder” even on specialized technical forums. I now save these technical topics for smaller semi-closed discussions, private chats, or for the strictly professional trade shows and events.

I have lost all hope of meaningful public technical discussions on anything where brand loyalty exists. That says a lot coming from someone who’s been a participant in technology matters since the late 80s.

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Yes, the forum is called XboxEra, and by design I expect there to be an Xbox slant. I think that’s normal.

But do I want that to mean the community can post fanboy-level drivel without repurcussion just because it’s ‘pro-xbox’?

I’m not saying ‘no’ by the way. I’m saying that if a thread discussing tech specs turns into something filled with uneducated hot-takes and console warring, even if the ‘other side’ isn’t in the room, it’s going to get locked pretty quick. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see it go that way.

And that’s a shame.

I mean you could always just move on past it. You don’t need to comment if its not interesting to you. Or, you could make threads up that interest you and add content to the forum. Either or.

Sounds fair.

But is this the case this time around?

I mean not that the difference will be gigantic, and of course both are going to get great games, but there are some possible big architectural differences in how they designed the consoles.

From the extra features Ms waited for (which could end up being a fluke) to Sony going the overclock route.

I think as more data points appear from games there’s a legit discussion to be had on this topic more than just comparing the games themselves

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By people you could mean mostly children invested with their favoured company, the so called ‘fanboys’. Gaming is a hobby of people of every age and in the internet you really can’t discuss just only with adults like in real world where, unless they are your children, you don’t spent free time with kids but adults. Hence level of discussion is really varied in social media because of lack of real world barriers, presence anonymity, etc.

Nobody knows why, nobody knows who… everybody knows that: It just is.

So who are we to challenge and argue with this wonderful colorful tradition.

AKA: I just got sick of it during the Dreamcast, with Playstation Fanboys just spouting bullshit about it being so dangerously powerful that it couldn’t be sold to Iran!

People that don’t read up on civil engineering, shouldn’t compare bridges for build quality!

Oh wait: It’s an Xplainin treat. The man behind the “infinite power of the Cell” thread, yeah… I’m moving on.

Seriously man, you’ll get us in trouble with Uncle Kiryu. And I cant out punch that man, so don’t you go hiding behind me when shit hits the fan!

Because its almost always people taking things out of context without understanding the wider systems they sit in and using them as buzzwords and bulletpoints for lists without having a clue what any of it means in real terms. Often stuff is used as the ‘killa app’ before a single dev has got their hands on it…

Its like the 30th in 38 days.


Well the reason you can’t really have meaningful technical console comparisons is because 99% of the forums/internet lack the knowledge to actual have an honest discussion about it. Basically it’s just people taking bullet points from tech blogs and arguing over descriptors like “wide and slow” vs “narrow and fast” like that actually means anything. It’s not even a technical discussion, it’s just another console A is better than console B because of “bullet points from the internet that sound good and support my position”.


I think that it needs to be expected that the internet allows individuals to be belligerent and stubborn to a degree far greater than they are in person (hopdfully!) and is not related to Xbox/Playstation in a vacuum.

If you go to the comments section for any WWE/AEW wrestling video you will see an equally pointless and equally needling selection of comments despite (as with PS5/Xbox) none of the contributors working for either company, owning shares in either company, and having no obligation to stick to either company. They are purely a consumer, usually a pretty distant one.

With football there is a slightly different tribalism which is often linked to a family history of ‘supporting’ that team, driven from growing up locally and having close geographical rivals. More so, it is a sport, with a clear and deliberate winner/loser. Comparing video games consoles or television programmes is not the same remotely.

So, in short, people are idiots and enjoy arguing.