Why is comparing console tech considered warring?

Can confirm after years on twitter

I could write Nike or Adidas, or even burgers or hotdogs, and within ten comments someone would be insulting another person

Yep, you guys can express yourselves much more succinctly.

  • Its easy to misunderstand and misrepresent due to text only.
  • Language differences or problems with writing/reading add to this.
  • Easy to attribute maliciousness.
  • People love to argue.
  • People love to deliberately start fights and troll.
  • Lots of people in any [insert anything here] community need x to “win” or “lose”
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Okay will I will bite. I enjoy a good tech talk.

I think it will be interesting to see how the hard drive performance actually nets out as Sony’s hard drive will be better short quick reads and writes as it will be able to burst up to its higher speed. However, I’m not sure how that will translate to game design, as while I’m not a developer. I would suspect more of a constant stream of data needing to come in. Especially with higher frame rates, players will be moving faster, so new scenes will be needed more often.

The thing with the Series X|S is it was designed more around a consistent I/O. So while it won’t have the same top-end, we see with the PS5. We also won’t get the same drop-off when a longer sustained write is needed.

I suspect we are seeing some of this play out in the ratchet and clank footage from yesterday. So far, between all the showings, the “Rift” functionality has only been done in controlled situations. It’s not something the user can do at will. So using it in a controlled sense, the ps5 hard drive is able to burst the data and load the new scene quicker than persay we Xbox would be able to.

Since this R&C is a first-party game, we won’t ever really know how much quicker and if it’s a meaningful difference. I guess that where this boils down to. I don’t know if PS5’s more expensive storage solution provides a meaningful benefit over a slightly slower/cheaper solution.

The last paragraph is largely speculation.

In multiplats I think all we will see is higher res on seriesX.

Dev tools and environments play a big role in performance, so it will be a while before both systems show there raw hardware performance.

Visual comparison discussions can be pointless because it becomes a matter of opinion.its an opinion weather the difference between 720p vs 900p is more impactful then 1800p vs 2160p, its an opinion so those conversations never end, they are pointless. Console warriors will back whatever platform there alligned to.

Im all for hardware conversations, but theres not to much to discuss, the seriesX has a more powerful GPU and faster RAM, they have different approaches to there SSD +iO setup which for all intent and purpose will end up with very similer results because theres no way to compare them anyway apart from load times, 3rd parties have to develop for the lowest common denominator so bespoke hardware advantages will not be used.

When it comes to visuals as long as the hardware is in the same ballpark what determines how incredible visuals is what devs decide to create. Gamers tend to react to what is visually knew or rare e.g rachet a rift apart is getting buzz because if its increased object density combined with higher quality and quantity of effects from the prior gen and some new effects (ray traced reflections).

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We really need a dev who has used both systems extensively because while the ps5s ssd has a raw speed advantage, the final results could be similar (or better) on the xsx because tech like SFS save up to 3x the memory needed. So a 16mb texture on PS5 could be 5mb on XSX.

Velocity Architecture Talk

Oh definitely. A dev’s insight would be great. I wasn’t even taking into account velocity architecture. The above link is a 12-minute video which is a pretty good talk on it in case someone hasn’t seen it.

Infinite power of the cell? That’s quite the liberty you took there. Like I said, I like tech. The Cell was an interesting piece of tech, that if used correctly was quite powerful. My musings were if they were able to keep working on it and remove alot of the issues around coding for it, could it have made a viable future tech. Pretty harmless thread, but one that obviously triggered you for some unknown reason.

Is there a posting limit? Didn’t know that. Excuse me for trying to add content and things to the forum. Forums only live if people use it and add content. I should go through your enlightened posts and threads. I obviously have a lot to learn from you.

Problem with tech comparisons is that many people are just interested in a winner and loser instead of figuring or discussing the why’s. Besides without access to source code, documentation, or developer input, it’s mostly guess work. Tech discussions need proper context and intent. Unfortunately you rarely find that on the internet.


Because many turn it into platform wars.

Having 4k VS 1800p doesn’t mean much for platform. But it becomes a weapon to trash other platform.

Anyone who wants to discuss console tech should stay away from making comments on the platform while discussing tech.

Console war really isn’t a problem among tech community. But it becomes a problem when the talk goes into the platform community.

Console Tech discussion should be kept away from platform level discussion.

This this this! Without this any and all discussions devolve into lots of people arguing about what “they reckon” is “best”.

(Besides the why, in my experience is typically; Engineers had this cost/thermal/power budget and using a mix of what is expected soon in tech with what is available now, sprinkled with what the Business Units design goal was)

Because it so often turns into platform wars with people trying to justify their own purchase out of insecurity instead of arguing politely and fairly about the benefits and disadvantages of both systems. Even I have to admit I developed a very Xbox-centric view of the console market in these past few years (I wasn’t an Xbox guy until 2019), and as such I kind of view the other console manufacturers through the perspective of being primarily an Xbox gamer. But I do my best to praise both Sony and Nintendo where I feel like they deserve it.

Hell, I have a Switch (which has been gathering dust) and I love a lot of Nintendo games. I also had a PS4 until last year, but gave it away to a dear friend. I will probably have a PS5 in the time span between 2021-2023, most likely, and I’m considering the purchase of a Switch Pro if it does indeed release this year. I try to always have all consoles because all of them have something to offer and it doesn’t make sense for me to play sides with companies who don’t care about what you think.

Indeed, I take some liberty, as my usual manner of prose is hardly one that is steeped in seriousness. And “triggered”, erm… okay dude; those that use words like that to goad the other into replying are not not only dropping in my esteem of them, but rocketing down.

I used an example in a light fashion and in that topic gave you several examples of why the Cell was a dead end and wasn’t as powerful as you thought. The example is related to this as you are talking about comparing console specs and parts. I even gave a second example about bridges.

But hey, you do you. :P. I can only suggest you ask yourself if it is the best you, or if you could do a better you.

Well said, besides, we already know Xbox’s hardware is better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am shocked that the thread is already off-topic and diving into snide remarks.

C’mon. Don’t prove me 100% correct that quickly.

As I said, the problem with discussing tech is that 99% of the community have no real idea what X or Y means when it relates to anything. It just devolves into “This is better than that”.

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My hand is hovering over the lock button…Keep it clean, keep it civil please.


I was just about to mention “*this is the answer to the question posed in OP” :slight_smile:


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You know what, I don’t need this hostility. The cell was a dead end, and you can program GPU easier and more efficient. The xenon has 240 gflops performance. And yes that is fully useable, drawing and fill rate only takes up a small fraction of the compute time utilisation, between peaks, you can do a lot. Deal with it.

Had this same bullshit on neogaf and resetera all the time. When Apple or Sony release something, people become idiots with rose tinted glasses. Not listening to people with actual degrees in computer science and mathematics…nope… Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and Cerny are holy.

Good grief I don’t need this bullshit. I tried to make jokes with you and be nice, but you turn hostile and start to troll.

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This thread has (SURPRISE!!!) run its course.

The answer to thread title is quite self evident.