Why doesn't Microsoft advertise they are the only console to play Roblox?

Seems like a huge deal no ? Roblox is probably bigger than all their exclusives combined


because Roblox is an IP Theft nightmare that has only skirted by by not advertising itself a ton :doge:


Both of you make good points :laughing:

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because it’s already big and makes them money.

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I find it strange that Roblox is not on everything.

I have a feeling it’s because of what Jesse mentioned above

There’s some “shady” things with the game so it might be something MS agreed to that PS wouldn’t, kind of like mods with Bethesda games


How is that Shady ? make no sense. It a F2P game of course it has MTX… I see no problem.

I just assume the majority of their money comes from mobile and they don’t care that much about console.

Roblox is always in the top 15 most played, it has a huge Xbox audience


My kids play it a lot, but it’s a weird game. Tons of people scanning on there, lots of weird content to be honest that I feel definitely isn’t targeted for kids. Also, games keep shoving microtransactions in your face at an unhealthy rate trying to get kid’s money. To be honest it should be looked at.

There are a few gems in there though, but like 99% is pure garbage.

I’m not talking about MTX

Then what are you talking about? enlighten me.

It’s completely insane on there. The microtransactions are player created which goes as poorly as you expect (every game has crazy MTX so that the creators can reap currency). My nephew blew through, I think $5 in currency, in 30 seconds, to buy boosts help him win exactly 1 round on this dumb quiz game

I used to play Roblox when I was a kid myself, back in 2008-2012 I was always on it, and let me tell you, it was nothing like this.

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What Jesse mentioned above for starters

If you want more than that, just type Roblox controversy into Google, there’s…a lot

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“Accusations of Roblox exploiting developers come partly from the high cut of their wages which is taken by the platform, which is high when compared to others, such as Steam and Epic Games”

Is that it?

Isn’t Roblox profiting from what amounts to (voluntary) child labor? I know next to nothing about it but if that’s anywhere close to right, I can understand not wanting to shine a light on it.

By the way, until recently I honestly had no idea the word Roblox even referred to a video game, I thought it was a copy of Lego of some kind. I think it’s safe to say I’m old.

The trouble with Roblox, the video game empire built on child labour | Games | The Guardian

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Roblox is worse than Child Obesity. The amount of brainwashed kids who spend their parents money on Roblox is crazy. Not going to let my Child anywhere near that Drug. I don’t mind him playing the same game over and over but some of these kids spend hundreds of dollars per month on Roblox. Fuck that. And Fuck that game.

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