Why doesn't Microsoft advertise they are the only console to play Roblox?

Thanks for the link, I knew that term was associated with the game for some reason!

Our Phones, Shoes, Gaming Consoles, Computers are also built on child labor, does that mean we stop using them? why single out Roblox?

We would go back to the stone age if we stop using every products thats has child labor.

I’m not condoning child labor, but it’s the truth of reality. Especially in 3rd world country.


Actually probably has more to do with Sony’s licensing requirements for a product like Roblox than with any of the above. I highly doubt they would agree to the terms usually required.

That being said, I wonder why its not on the Switch? Maybe an issue with system performance requirements of a lot of the content on the platform?

You’re not condoning child labor, just arguing why we should continue using it?

You ask the wrong question. It’s not - these things are made with child labor and do we stop using them? But the real question is - these things are made with child labor and should people stop using them? The answer is obviously yes. People should start somewhere, correct? Roblox seems a great place to start as it’s easier then buying a new phone/shoes/computer etc. Just simply stop supporting a game that exploits children. Easy.

You do you, i’m not even play Roblox anyways. I’m not giving up phones, computer, gaming consoles or anything else though. It is what it ls, it’s the world we live in.