Why do some people still consider Sony to be the "Market leader"?

On forums and even gaming media I still see Sony referenced as the “Market Leader” and I’d like to know why?

Switch has been outselling Sony consoles for years, heck even the Xbox Series consoles have been outselling the PS5 in some regions. So Sony is not #1 in consoles sales

Sony is NOT the revenue leader for gaming, that is Tencent by a huge margin, Sony is not #1 in any metric of gaming revenue

Sony does not have the largest developer group in gaming, MS and Tencent have more developers then Sony

Sony is not pushing the envelope on ground breaking services or hardware, their services are lacking and their hardware seems to always have some type of cooling/noise issue while also not being the most powerful.

Really I fail to see any factual metric that could be used to declare Sony the “Market Leader” as it’s often used as an excuse when Sony does some horrible anti consumer crap.

I really hope the gaming community and Gaming Media realize this eventually and hold them accountable instead of just brushing off everything they do with " Well they are Market Leader they can do what they want" type excuses.


Its in reference to western gaming companies and mainly the console space. Its not that hard to understand lol. They have the most revenue and the most players out of the big 3. Developer team size is irrelevant.


Good point Swanlee. Nintendo is far and away the console market leader. Xbox and Sony are selling out of every console they each produce so it’s safe to say this generation is going to be a tie between Sony PlayStation and Xbox with Nintendo being the clear market leader.

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But they are not the best selling console and as far as western gaming their sales are even more neck and neck with Xbox. Sony gains more sales over Xbox due to Sony’s Asian sales, but even those are lagging behind the Switch in those regions.

Seems like youd need to bend over backwards and change definitions to still call them Market Leader in anything gaming related


Exactly. The narrative of Sony being market leader is dead. Or at least should be.

Where do they lead?

UK physical sales lists?


No where as far as I can tell, but some still seem to want to call them Market leaders.

They have the biggest and most fanatic cult.

They have the media.

They also market their products globally so that they appear to be biggest and best even when they are not.


Thats a good one.

I don’t really treat Tencent in gaming like everyone else since they basically have investments in a bunch of companies and many of them not even majority ownership.

Xbox leads in next generation first party going forward :grin: Sony will continue to cling to last generation up resolution ports. What leadership.

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Would like to know how we will dictate that in the future. Like, let’s say sony manages to sell 120-130 million consoles but what if MS gets 120-130 game pass users?

Next gen comes and MS will still retain those users while SONY will have to start from 0. Nevertheless, this generation will absolutely be different than previous one.

Ok I will relent on that one. Sony is market leader in cult like fandoms.



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Well they are the leader in revenue, Nintendo is the leader in hardware sales, MS has the biggest 1st party in gaming.

I still dont see a major avenue where Sony is the market leader


Think of it this way. Both consoles will sellout every console for the next 2-3 years. This will be an entire generation of Sony PlayStation and Xbox being tied in the literal sense. X cloud will be a bonus but won’t change the real numbers. It’s a PlayStation/ Xbox tie with Nintendo being the clear winner.

Yes you are very much on to something in your OP. The things I listed prevents that facade from falling though. Journalists still think Elden Ring is a PS-exclusive and that the SSD in the PS5 can cure alzheimers, the Cult with their zealots will spread their made up propaganda, and the aggressive marketing will continue to fan that.

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Depending on how you slice and dice, wouldn’t Apple be the leader in hardware sales? A huge part of Tencent’s revenue comes from mobile gaming.

I think that designation should be dropped, its has no current meaning and seems to only be used in console wars.