Why do some people still consider Sony to be the "Market leader"?

Some people like to say the Switch doesn’t count in various metrics because it’s a handheld. Wonder if that’d change if Sony ever returned to handhelds?


It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Ik the console space I think SONY will have advantage over MS this generation but Xbox has the potential to close that gap (lets say 80 million vs 110-120 million)

But MS will have far morr reach than sony between consoles, pc and cloud. Also, ABK alone generates more profit than playstation and thats with it being an absolute mess…so I dont think “more profit” ican be used in sony’s favor.

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Yea that is also a good point. Sony is certainly no where near the market leader in hardware sales no matter how you cut it.

Because people still live in Xbox One / PS4 era.

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I always find it interesting how, literally, everyone ignores nintendo when this topic appears😂


Those people move goal posts more then they change their clothes.


They were the market leader last gen but that narrative and position is flipping.

Who ever has the leading games subscription service will be the market leader.

I can see right now that even across the internet there is less and less. While there are attempts to generate clicks publishing libel about Xbox, they are not that exciting for the mass and Internet community anymore.

I look forward to the damage control when Kirby sells millions… “bAbBy GaEM, handhelds don’t count, Nintendo Bonus (I literally see this every time a Nintendo game gets good reviews)”

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But the switch has been outselling the PS4 for years and will surpass its life time numbers.

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It is funny situation with Nintendo. When talking about Sony dominating the industry and their exclusive games - then nobody mentions Switch. But as soon as Microsoft acquires something, people start to include Switch when talking about communities that lose games.

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Yea it does look like GT7 has flopped and pissed off people and Horizon West disapeared due to everyone playing Elden Ring

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I would also like to add that this is one of the major reasons I go on and on about Xbox marketing (hi, @jfsolo !) . The only way to penetrate in a lot of places is to tear down this facade built up by the marketing fueled media and Cult.

Dont know if it flopped but, isnt it funny how sony marketed Horizon forbidden west as the second coming of Christ…only to be erased from the existence a week later by elden ring? And it happened twice!

Will the third one release when TESVI is around the corner?

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They make the most money out of the 3 console manufacturers.

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Sony was the market leader during the early PS4 gen and have not really regressed too much. They do not sell the most consoles, do not have the best games or services, but still make the most money. It is very hard to break narratives so until someone clearly beats them they will be referred to as the leader.

I also they think they are the defacto third party machine for many areas so this another reason why they have this label.

It is all about mindshare, pretty much all it is. You could say they’re considered the cool thing to have and all your friends have one sort of thing.


In revenue only though.

I think sure as a false narrative Sony might continue to be pushed as the market leader. Meanwhile in the real world it will be 2020-2025 where both Xbox and PlayStation sell every console and are locked into a tie while Nintendo sells the most consoles. At what point will people start calling out the false narrative is the real question.

Revenue matters greatly. They have the most users spending the most time engaged with their products and services on console.