Who here isn't buying a Xbox Series X | S at launch?

With this being a Xbox enthusiasts forum it’s likely that most people here will be buying one either on day 1 or before Christmas however I’m curious about those who won’t be getting one right away. For me personally I don’t have the money to buy one as I’m currently unemployed however game pass is so good on my Xbox One that i don’t feel too bad about it. I hope to pick one up next year.

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I am getting one at launch but no-one will get left behind by not buying one, there’s not really anything next gen exclusive coming anyway for 12 months! Hope your employment changes soon, game pass is a massive help in these financially difficult times :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I’m not one for FOMO so I don’t feel any rush and game pass really does make it easier.

Staying with PC, the regional pricing for both are absolutely dogshit (series s costs as much as series x in the west).

I probably won’t get one right away, I’m thinking I’ll wait till some sort of deal shows up.

I have Xbox Series X pre-ordered at the Microsoft Store and Best Buy.

Super hyped…while I have condensed my gaming list from 10 games for November/December/January to 5 games (4 for Xbox Series X and 1 for PlayStation 5), it’s simply time to move on from the current generation. My PS4 Pro has 17 days left of existence in my apartment until I trade it in to GameStop. After that, it’s all about Xbox Series X.

I have 4 games for November/December/January. Numbers in parenthesis represents my hype level for each game with the playing order being the list itself.

  1. Watch Dogs Legion (#4)
  2. Immortals: Fenyx Rising (#2)
  3. Gears Tactics (#3)
  4. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (#1)

I have two Xbox Series Xs preordered (one for my wife and one for myself), and plan on getting a Series S for my office since WFH looks like it’s going to be permanent. I personally prefer that Microsoft has made it clear from the get go that you’re not going to miss out on too much content for the first year or so if you decide to stick with the One/One X. Having said that, I’m going to be enjoying the hell out of Watch Dogs, Medium, Yakuza, and Valhalla for the first few months to enjoy the niceties of next-gen.

I’m not getting one at launch, although I’ll try to get a Series X in early 2021. Frankly, the main reason is Brexit. I live in the EU, but I do most of my online shopping in the UK, shipping through a parcel forwarding service. The transitional period is ending on December 31st, and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that a new trade deal is going to be signed before the year runs out, meaning that from January onwards online shopping in the UK is going to become quite a bit more expensive and less convenient for me. So I’m trying to hoard as much as I can before the year runs out. Xbox can wait, I’ll be getting that from within the EU.

I don’t have a 4K TV yet anyway, so maybe that’s going to be my next big purchase. It was the same with Xbox One, I bought a 1080p TV at the end of 2013, then Xbox One just in time for Titanfall.

I’ll try to get an X next year because I don’t have it in my country and the pricing would be horrendous when it eventually comes. I’ll get relatives from Australia to bring it as I did with my One.

I’m really hoping for a 20th-anniversary one next year to make it even more special. My One is a Forza special edition one so I want my X to be a special edition one too

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I’m waiting for Far Cry 6 or Halo Infinite to release, whichever comes first, before I buy a Series S. Too engrossed with my Switch right now to care about any games releasing for consoles not named the Switch the rest of this year.

I accidently flagged this oops (new to the forum). here’s my message;

Unfortunately I had my pre-order cancelled so I doubt I’ll be able to get one on launch now(post withdrawn by author, I plan on picking one up whenever they’ll will be available again

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If I can get one I will. Being in Oz, I’m not too sure how much allocation MS will give us.

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Thanks mate.

I will do, I don’t often comment but I’m often viewing when I have breaks and such


I bought an X1X 6 months ago, give or take, and I’m still very happy with it, aside from the loading times. As of right now, I’m not planning to buy the XSX, since there’s nothing really compelling must-have upgrades for me.

I never upgraded to a Xbox One X but I’d imagine if you have one then a day 1 purchase of a Series X isn’t necessary.

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I’m getting a PS5 day one but not a Series X.

But that’s Microsoft’s fault for not giving Australia enough Xbox consoles to meet demand.

Not me, gonna wait until next year. Right now is a perfect time to clear up my backlog

Then again stock was gonna be limited especially because of covid

I won’t because of finances, but I would like to. Personally I’d love the BC upgrade over the Day 1 Xbox One (playing Fortnite at 60fps would be nice) and I think the price is fair and you’re getting a lot of value even as a Day 1 purchase.

And even if I did have the money in the next few weeks, availability is the other issue.

I did look into All Access in Canada, but it requires a credit check which automatically negatively affects your credit score. I’m not going to do that over a $600 purchase.