Who here isn't buying a Xbox Series X | S at launch?

I want an X but couldn’t get one. Did manage to get an S. I’m a little bit torn on whether to actually open the S or not and just wait until I can find an X on shelves. On one hand the SSD and features will be awesome, and it’s just fun to play with new stuff. On the other, I know it’s going to a friend of mine as soon as I get an X and it would be nice for them to get to unbox it…

I’m not. I’m in a queue for an RTX 3080 so there’s really no need for the Series X for me at the moment. I might get one next year at some point

It doesn’t really negatively affect your credit score, only if you are doing multiple different inquiries for credit does it really hit your score. It would be the same as opening a credit card, applying for one is no big deal maybe a slight temporary hit, but applying for a ton of credit cards is a red flag. If you are looking to make a major purchase soon like a car or house I wouldn’t do it, since you will obviously owe money here. However, longer term assuming you make your payments it will actually help improve your score. It’s actually a good opportunity to build credit if someone doesn’t have a lot of credit history.

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Suprised by how many of us won’t be getting one on day 1. Interesting to see.

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