Who here has the 1TB Expansion for Xbox Series X|S?

I never planned to get it because to me…if i’m spending an insane amount of oney on memory it has to be larger than 1TB.

Hopefully MS put out a 2TB card. Even if its gonna be 350 dollars or whatever. I rather spend a bit extra to get 2TB than a 1tB.

Right now i’m perfectly fine with the 900GB or so memory for my Series X. I delete a lot of games anyway. But for the long term 2TB should be great for the rest of the gen.

I do not have the NVME Expansion Card.

I do have a 4TB USB SSD and a 2TB USB SSD. They are perfect for Xbox One and X360 and OG Xbox games. Those games load as fast from there as from the internal NVME drive.

For Series X optimized games I juggle them between the internal NVME when I’m playing the game and the external drives when I’m not. They serve perfectly as cold storage and the games are kept up to date with patches even when on the external USB SSDs. It is very quick to copy the games to internal when needed.

I was able to get 2x the storage for the same price as the NVME Expansion Card.


I don’t, and I don’t plan to at that price. Had to make a change in the way I install games. So instead of just having everything installed at once, I simply only keep the games I am currently playing installed, and some I return to from time to time. It’s working somewhat well for me. I would have liked a little bit more storage, but I think I’ll be good for now.

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I do and its the easiest decision I have made.


Me also.

I bit the bullet Day One.

No regrets.


Thats cool but when they announce a 2TB one(if they do) what will you do? sell the 1TB or just stick with it?

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The beauty of the system is that I can just buy a potential 2Tb, and demote my 1Tb unit for archived games. MS has made it that all I need to do is slap these cards in and enjoy the benefits of NVME speeds.


Nothing because at no point will I ever willingly be playing 3TB worth of games.

I have 24 games installed right now and still have 800gb left.


Your setup is the same as mine, works well and is cost efficient.

Yeah but that’s a lot to pay for storage. I’m hoping by the end of the gen they’re cheaper


Is it though? When you are buying the latest iPhone you will pay an extra 150 for 192 extra GBs of storage.

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I mean they both are when you consider what you are getting compared to the device itself. However, it is the reality of fast SSD storage; it is not cheap. The good news is that prices are coming down year over year, so we will see prices come down and also higher capacities for the same price as it is now.

I agree and that really was my point, new tech is expensive, fact of life. So while it is expensive it’s not insanely so or an unreasonable price for what it is. Same with any new tech there will always be an early adopter premium on price.

Cold storage while more fiddly does offer a great solution for people where the expansion is not an option.

So it makes sense to also offer a premium solution for those that want it and are prepared to pay. Same model as elite controllers and the B&O headsets. Expect it to continue going forward as I suspect MS has data to show good demand for premium peripherals among its user base.

No it is not, especially when you consider it is a propriety format as well because it is pretty close to what you would pay if it was in a more standard format.

Well the Elite controllers sold extremely well and definitely showed Microsoft there is a market for more premium accessories and they have now launched their limited series initiative so expect more products in the future.

I mean you either pay that or you’re stuck with it. Ipbone memory cannot be upgraded. On series x you can wait for cheaper options in the future. I’m just saying if I’m gonna spend that much I’d rather go all in. I know for a fact if I buy the 1tb I’ll end up buying a future card as well. If I buy a 2tb. That’s it. I’m done for the generation

My issue isn’t the price per say. I know ssd proprietary is expensive. It’s more the storage. If a 1tb is 220…2tb would be around 350-400.

And it has been explained that this is the cost of going with SSDs that can be guaranteed to run at a certain speed, there isn’t much that can be done about it yet, but prices for storage are coming down so it won’t always be this expensive.

In the meantime Microsoft has given you the option of cold storing your games onto a mechanical hard drive if you are not happy spending the amount of money on a 1tb hard drive - I am waiting for 2tb cards to become available because I also feel it is too much for 1tb. It is not ideal but it is a temporary stop gap.


I think its a great product, and preferable over the Sony solution. However, I just can’t bother spending the money on it at this point.

I will just keep my games on external drives and move them over to the console ssd when I am playing them.

I can easily have 15 games on it, and I cant envision myself playing more than that at one time.

Me. You do not need it at once, but later on it will be a time saver (and life saver). Time for me is more precious than money. So I bought one as soon as available.


With it Im pretty much set for all of the gen granted these become obsolete for some reason.