White Elite 2 is coming?


White Elite V2 in 2022 and Elite V3 in 2023?

Still with black grips?


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Unless it involves a revision to build quality I would advise people to stay away.

My V2 is sat in a drawer useless due to a common failure of the right bumper. I looked at sending for repair and Microsoft wanted £95 for that. At that price point you pretty much may as well be buying a new one. So I opened it up myself after looking at YouTube videos with the same fault. The bumper relies on a very thin piece of bendy plastic to function correctly. I did manage to get the bumper to respond 7/8 times out of 10 by bending this piece back on itself but it does not have the same click and requires quite a hard press now.

Anecdotal I know… but it’s probably the only gaming product I’ve ever regretted buying.

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Yeah, I mean the controller feels great, it feels premium I guess but it’s not good at all the kind of issues you can have with these. I was lucky the store had such good customer service, gave me a new one as soon as issues started to appear. On the first Elite I had the rubber grips letting loose, on V2 I’ve had RB barely working unless I pressed it super hard, went back and got a new one. For a while now I’m noticing that B needs to be pressed in way too hard for it to register and so on.

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It’s so beautiful.

I’m still using my OG Elite and have had zero problems with it. Glad I just skipped the V2 since it seems plagued with problems. Wonder if they’ll even bother with making a V3?

Insert my obligatory begging for changes on an Elite Series 3, where they do these things:

  1. Truly fix the bumpers
  2. Use Series Controller hard grips on the sides
  3. User serviceable battery - so after a few years when the battery charge lessens it can be replaced with a new one.
  4. Screenshot button

White grips would probably get dirty and gross quickly for some people.

Here I am with my OG Elite and my two V2 Elites (one being the Infinite model) still working perfectly…

To be fair, my wife’s did have a left bumper go out (after 3000 hours of use), but replacement was easy.

I do wonder how people are treating their controllers (I’m sure this will go smoothly)….

I have never had any issues with any controller I have had as an adult, including an Elite 2 that I have used for probably a thousand hours at this point. Maybe I am lucky but I am surprised at the issues I hear from others about controller issues.

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I’ve had two that just have issues with the face buttons out of the box. I still need to send the 2nd one back now that I think of it.

One and done.

I am waiting for Elite 3

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Other than stick drift on my day one Xbox one controller it’s the only controller I’ve had break on me.

How did you replace the bumper? I’d love to get mine back working because the battery life on it is great and I like the charging dock and case it comes with.

We went through Costco, where we purchased it, and we got back a brand new one; one of my friends did the same with Microsoft and got the same result.

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The thumbnail in the main forum looks like skulls looking in a Window, thereby making White Elite sound like a horror game.

White Elite 2


Hmm, horror game about the White Elite? Is “Get Out” getting a game adaptation? :sweat_smile:

There are also parts available on Amazon and YouTube videos showing how to do bumper fixes for Elite V1 and V2 (the steps and pieces are different between the two). There are all sorts of other fixes too.

I did the bumper replacement fix on my Elite V1 myself because it was so far out of warranty. It was like $15. The best thing is if you can order initially from a place with great service like Costco.


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My Halo Elite V2 is still doing fine but i k kwnjt must not be as old or seen asucb usage as some of you guys’ Elite controllers. Really crossing my fingers here though, especially for the price I paid.