Which of the two 2022 Atlus releases are you going to prioritize?

I just pre-ordered Soul Hackers 2 for £10 after using MS reward bucks. Really not sure what I’ll dive into first. I love how we have zero Atlus games in years and the suddenly we have 4 in a small amount of time.


Voted “Which of the two Atlus Xbox releases this year will you prioritize?” because I have zero interest in either of them. :man_shrugging:

Its 50 pounds in the uk. A lot of next gen games are 60 retail with cod being 70

70 fucking pounds. Glad games like Ai and soul hackers are 50

Is prices seem to be more consistent.

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I hate this bs next gen tax. Just makes me want to buy games day 1 less and less unless it’s Nintendo 1st part because they very seldom drop their prices.

It doesn’t stop me buying games day one but it does stop me taking chances on games. I’ve got bills to pay and other responsibilities, I’d don’t really have extra income to be buying a game for £70 that I think looks good, I have to be certain it’s going to be a sure fire hit.

It’s why I like Gamepass, get to try games that you never tried before. Never played the Yakuzas before they came to Gampass, never got to play them before but after playing 0,1 and 2, I was sold and Y7 was a Day One buy, no problem.


Its down to those greedy ass publishers

Blame sony. Theyre leading the way with this shit.