Which next gen console are you getting at launch and why?

  • XsX
  • PS5
  • Both
  • Neither

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Im still making up my mind, im leaning towards an XsX because none of the launch exclusives i really care for, I care more for 3rd party games and gamepass is just the best value, and I will get a PS5 when a naughty dog game comes out on it.

Or I could keep my 1X sell my pro and get a PS5, so I can play xbox games on gamepass on my 1X and have some next gen ness for my PS5.

Decisions decisions…


Added the options for both and neither to your poll. I’m sure there are also plenty of people who aren’t getting a console at launch. :ok_hand:


Good idea, thanks.

I’ll be getting both at launch unless MS decides to delay the launch for half a year in my country like for the Xbox one I hope they don’t

Just the XSX at launch for me, Sony haven’t quite given me enough to peak my interest in buying yet. If they do I will probably opt to buy a PS5 outright and grab a XSX through the All Access Program.

The series X is a confirmed buy for me, if only to play games like SoT and MHW at higher fps (and of course the other 200 games in my backlog).

I am trying to save up to also get a PS5, but the pricing of these consoles is going to be an important factor. That and at least so far PS5 launch games don’t interest me. I loved Spiderman, but if Miles is more of an expansion then I’m okay with waiting for it. And timed exclusives don’t do anything for me.

I am definitely getting an Xbox Series X at launch because I want to play Halo Infinite on this and everything else on Xbox Game Pass including ‘The Medium’ which looks great to me. I am an Xbox primary gamer, but I have owned every PlayStation console in the past. I will likely end up getting a PS5 at some point, but it will probably take something like a full Spider-Man sequel in a couple years with a cheaper price or bundle for me to invest for basically my “exclusives” machine since I play everything else on Xbox ecosystem.

I will maybe end up with both but for launch Xbox it is because XGPU until mid 2022 and BC and … and … and …

Xbox Series X and it will be the first gen I only get one at launch. I want to devote more time and money to one console and my PC. Given I have more friends on Xbox, its the one I prefer the most and the fact I love the xbox community its a no brainer for me.

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The truth for me is that exclusives are not the most important things for me anymore, they are important but this gen i completed god of war, uncharted 4 + LL, Spiderman and TLOU2, and the truth is the only games that I must have are the naughty dogs games, god of war + Spiderman were very good games but I would not be to bothered if I missed them. I mainly play 3rd parties, so services + hardware power are the most important, playstations are now my naughty dog box.

Some people like to cite the Xbox first party games dual launching on PC as a reason to not get the console, but in my case it is actually a reason to prefer Xbox Series X. I am primarily a console gamer at this point for convenience, but I do have an RTX 2060 gaming laptop and have built a couple of gaming rigs in the past. So I love the option of playing their games wherever and however I choose for one price or subscription in this case with Game Pass Ultimate.

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I’ll try to get an xsx at launch for Halo. If not, neither. I’ll wait for more games I want that Sony releases exclusively before I buy one.

Series X at launch. Because I’ve played Xbox since beginning and have a legacy there with games/achievements. Also, all my brothers/friends are on Xbox currently.

I’ll probably get a PS5 2-3 years into the gen, if I can find it for right price and Naughty Dog has a new game that interests me.


Has to be the Series X for me as PC isn’t an option. I want the best performance & visual quality for my money and that’s on series X :green_heart:

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The next console I’m going to buy is the Series X, because I love the controller, Halo, Gears, the Forza Games, the Game Pass and the variety of games from the Xbox studios.
Being able to take all the games that I currently own, from several generations of consoles, even with improvements is also a very important factor in my decision.
Who knows, maybe in the future I will buy a PS5, but for now it will only be the Series X.

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Well I write for websites so an XSX would be practically mandatory at launch anyway, but given I upgraded to the X without a doubt I’d do the same for Series X as well. I do plan to get a PS5 around next year though, especially because I skipped PS4 so I’d gladly play the classics I missed. Only Sony home console I missed so far so there’s some stuff to pick up!

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I wonder if 1.5INCHES will be enough vent space above the XSX?


I would usually recommend good ventilation. These devices will output a lot of heat.

Both. PS5 for exclusives and XSX for everything else.

Can’t freaking wait!