Which future Xbox exclusive game are you most excited for?

Yep, Avowed is number one for me, and although it hasn’t even been announced yet, Inxile’s big RPG is 1A. Fable rounds out the top 3 for

Halo Infinite. The answer is always Halo. Favorite IP of all time. Despite the lack of textures on Craig’s face, I liked what I saw.

Beyond that, western RPGs are one of my favorite genres so Avowed and Fable offer exciting possibilities.

Near term, I believe The Ascent is a sleeper with a lot of potential.

This is exactly what I like most about Xbox. No other platform holders caters to coop the way Xbox does. Between: wasteland, gears, Forza, Halo, Battletoads, Fable. Whose first party puts that much emphasis on co-op? That’s why I buy (or subscribe to gamepass).

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Fable above all others, then Halo/Avowed.

Everwild, Tunic, Call of the Sea & Halo.

1. AOE4 - I love RTS Games and i wanted them to evolve as other genre’s did for years and here is my most anticipated RTS since Company of Heroes. High hopes!

2. Halo Infinite - For me a lot of the big FPS Games got streamlined for casuals in a lot of senses over the years. But i also got some hidden gems thanks to small teams that archived exceptional results (Squad, Hell Let Loose) But i miss a core FPS Game Juggernaut we had with Half Life, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 2 or ARMA. That got pushed by the communitys to all sorts of intresting new grounds. And Halo has the chance to give that back with mod tools and being a overall complete FPS experience.(Singleplayer, Coop, Multiplayer, Forge) I liked Valorant but, nerf this, buff that makes a enjoyable game from one patch to another worse and there is nothing you can do about. Same with newer Battlefield titles or COD. Enjoy the 2v2 tournament Game Mode? Your bad the playlist is updated, now everyone has snipers… Even i like the core concept of Game as a Service, were a developer keeps adding content and improve the base game, it should still allow players to stay at a expierence they enjoy. Let’s hope 343 use the time wisely.

3. Hellblad 2 - I’am not a huge fan of storydriven 3rd person action games in semi open worlds, with the same upgrade Path, same core Gameplay mechanics… a lot of them look nice and have a decent story, but to me feel like a netflix series a can watch beside doing work. that’s why i mostly watch Let’s plays of them. But Hellblade hit me hard, the gameplay mechanics were clearly cut by budget as other parts. But this game got me constantly care about my character and these voices gave me never a break. And as i played it in VR i was at times really in need to take a break because i felt anxious. Now just to think about this game evolving, is exciting to say the least. I hope PC will maybe get again a VR Version with improved Settings.

4. Awowed - Even i would have loved to see something in the sense of Alpha Protocol from Obsidian.(Maybe the Initiative can fullfill the dream) The Idea of a Obsidian RPG-game from the ground up with proper funding and time is just amazing. RPG’s need choices that matter and that’s what Obsidian is good at.

5. State of Decay 3- I always like the idea of Zombie Survival Games and we got so many of them but each felt like it just fullfill one side of zombie or survival. WWZ Zombie encouters were cinematic and frightening and i loved that, DayZ gave a pretty good represantation of how to live with other survivers, betrayal, random encounters and out of them your own stories. And SoD has a good concept about ressources and base building and the constant need of finding things to survive. But it always lacked in other areas. i hope they now adress these with a fresh start. take the learnings of the first 2 games and evolve the series to the zombie survival sandbox i always wanted.

6. Fable- TBH, no Idea where they will be heading, but Playground has exceptional Leadstaff and know how to handle tech, so i excpect nothing but greatness and hope they got the freedom to give the Fable franchise their own touch.

Sorry, that escalated in way more than a simple list, but it’s sunday and i had time… xD

  1. Forza For Life

  2. Awoved can be really big

  3. Ofcourse the Initiative game

  4. Fable only if realism is the big focus

  5. Hellblade 2- boy if the trailer could be a reality :scream:

I love Halo, so that is my No 1 especially since it’s the closest. If the initiative’s game is really stealth action then that is my second but it’s potentially so far away. I also love Fable so that’s my third, and also love Bethesda style RPGs and after The Outer Worlds I have a lot of faith in Obsidian to deliver on Avowed. I’m also very curious as to what compulsion are working on. I think they might surprise some people.

I’m most excited for all of them because they are all coming to Game Pass day 1. Woo!


Whatever the Initiative has cooking up is most intriguing to me, but don’t get it twisted, I’ll be playing all of them.


Halo and Forza to cut it short. And I was a little shocked that new Forza is not releasing day/date with new console. Who knows what are they cooking at T10…!

Halo infinite for sure Iniative game whatever it is Hellblade 2

Fable for me i love Playground games , Microsoft couldn’t of picked more of a better team too do a reboot even tho its 2-3 years away i adore the series apart from 3 i love RPG’s the humor is so good i cannot wait hopefully we see some again next year.


Fable, no doubt.

Speaking of Fable, I wish they’d fix the crashing in Fable II via backwards compatibility.

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Oh yes! This is so exciting. Obsidian Unleashed. I don’t think we are ready…

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There’s a handful of games I’m extremely excited to see and play, including (1) Hellblade II - show me next generation combat, and (2) Avowed - show me next generation living world.

Does age of empires count? If so its aoe 3 and 4, looking forward to the pros dissecting the game especially and the tournaments, online play is just so much fun!

Oh and for a game I wish were to be greenlit, quantum break 2, dont need the live episodes now, just the game is enough, that should make it cheaper, imagine that game with ray tracing… Id probably the first one for the third time if it got a series x patch.


I love horror, I am getting The Medium and Scorn as soon as I can.


Welcome to the forum Hilbert! The Medium looks very interesting to me. Something different and unique.

Good to be here! I played man from Median online with my sister and had a great time, wonder if the medium will have a multi-player mode with the simultaneous two world mechanic.

Halo is my favourite video game series, so Infinite is definitely up there. However, at this point the game whose potential excites me the most is Everwild. Both trailers were simply gorgeous, and the game seemingly draws inspiration from sources such as Miyazaki, Ueda, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Breath of the Wild. For me this could be a dream game, but maybe my opinion will change once more info about it is revealed.