Which choice you made in Gears 5 should be canon in Gears 6 (SPOILERS)

Alright in Gears 5 you had to make a choice on who dies, JD or Del. I think most would feel that there is no way TC would kill off JD however I feel that it would be more beneficial as a story to have JD die.

What I would like to happen is that JD ends up working under the Queen. I think having Marcus going against his Son in Gears 6 would make for a good secondary story (first would be Kat’s bloodline).

Kill JD. Fuck JD. JD ain’t deserve to live.

Del was your friend, believed in you, helped you find out your past, whole game was with Del and he always had your back.

Fuck JD. Bitch ass bitch fucker.

I chose Del to live as it should be.


Killed J.D.

Markus not having his son alive and having to still work with Kait and Del who survived at the expense of J.D.'s death is much more interesting to me story and character wise.

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Story wise, it makes more sense for jd to die. The Fenix line doesn’t really need to continue.

That, and the cutscene with Marcus was something else…

It works both ways. Del, JD & Kait are a team who went through a lot together & had their troubles, good times & bad. Losing either one is a tragedy that the other two will have to overcome. I look forward to seeing that play out, either way, or both ways.

I’m pretty certain that The Coalition already knew which way their story was going, before they even let us have the choice. They only did it as an experiment, to see how people reacted to it in a Gears game. In the next entry they’re either going to let us play both paths, JD dead & Del dead, or they’ve already decided which death is canon.

I hate that this game had a choice but it must have been done for a reason? Surely they have a plan for Gears 6 otherwise they wouldn’t have went through the trouble of giving us a choice in the first place.

I think Del should die. J.D. just has a lot more going on in terms of being an interesting, conflicted character with lots of angles and relationships to explore in future stories. Del is just kinda a nice, friendly guy without much else going on.

Just imagine when they go to fight the locust and JD pops up leading them against you.

I’ll have to kill him off again. LOL.

I think the choice is nonsense. Having to choose between Del a relatively new character to the franchise and the son of the hero of the original trilogy is absurd. Dont know why anybody would want Marcus to suffer on personal choice so just commit to one and not leave it to the player.


That is exactly why choose Del, couldn’t handle papa Fenix taking another hit, although I prefered Del, especially from the Kait point of view, he was far more loyal to her than anybody else. Nonsense indeed. Anyways, seems that neither of them are cannon to Gears 6.

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I saved JD just because poor Marcus has been suffering a lot but I think TC will keep Del alive in order to move the Gears universe away from Marcus and the Fenix family and take the story to a different places.

Killed J.D in my first playthrough, Dell in my second. TBH I am not sure which would be better in cannon, but I liked Del, and Marcus’s reaction to J.D dieing was pretty well done imo. Will be interesting to see where they go from there for Gears 6.

This isnt star wars where the Gears Universe revolves around them. We have had multiple games already without them.

Any way to have them both killed off?

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I regret my choice.

I saved JD only because of Marcus hes dealt with so much losing his mother at a very young age, death of his best friend, death of his father, and the death of his wife, to be honest the whole save Del or JD pissed me off should of been up to the Coalition who died not us.

I saved Del. Just a more likable character to me. Didn’t really like that the game made you choose though. I gave the Gear 5 campaign a solid 8.5 but that was one of the areas that didn’t make a lot of sense.

I saved JD and don’t regret my choice at all :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be interesting in 6 if the “dead” character were transformed into a locust after “death”. A Gears 6 playing half with JD and half with Del, showing a bit of the locusts’ side in the war.

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