Where do you plan to pre order the Xbox Series X|S, PS5 from?

Curious where people are pre ordering from. I am thinking of choosing Amazon but am worried they arrive a day late or some other issue arises.

Would prefer in person but due to Covid that may be impossible.


I’ve been trying to figure this out as well. I went with Amazon for the XboxOne and it showed up on launch day. But if pre-orders open up through Microsoft first, I may have to try that.

Anybody here have history with ordering from the Microsoft store?

am hoping i can pre order and go and collect it on the 10th for either game or another store

The Microsoft store, more than likely. They don’t charge until it ships, and I’m sure they’ll do their best to get their own product to me the day it launches.


MS store for me, always has been a release day delivery.


I used to preorder from UK retailer game, but since i rarely shop there anymore, plus theres no guarantee theyll be around by November, im struggling to think where to preorder

Target Red Card saves 5%. So that’s my first choice but if Amazon or Best Buy open preorders first then it will be hard to wait.

In a GErman Game Stop

I usually buy it on credit from Very UK and pay it off before the crazy apr gets added. But I may just go for Xbox All Access since I already pay the £11 a month for Game Pass ultimate anyway.

Probably Mediamarkt, because I don’t think MS store delivers to Netherlands. I’ll check that.

Amazon or Saturn. Always went with Gamestop but I don’t think I’ll do it this time

MS store for the reliability, or Best Buy for the rewards points.

  • If we can get Microsoft rewards: Microsoft Store.

  • If there is an Gamestop trade-in: Microsoft because I hate this store. But if there is no MS rewards and a trade-in deal I will go with Gamestop.

  • And if there is no deal at all probably Saturn/Mediamarkt.

Most likely the MS Store

I’ll likely go with Amazon, as I have purchased just about every major console from the last 10 or so years from them. I also like that they don’t charge your payment method on preorders until the product ships, so it gives me time to save up while still securing my Series X for launch.

That being said, I really do want a Series S for another 1080p TV in the house and have been considering going through All Access for that.

I’m preordering on the MS store. XSS for me although I set aside a bunch of cash for NG launch. XSS just seems the best value.

Curious why a lot of people are ordering from the MS store. Are they really reliable ?

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Amazon. Maybe Bestbuy

MS store for the points.

Being in Canada, I can get the $100 Xbox Gift Cards for $89 at Costco, and purchase the XSX for a discount.

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MS points.

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