Where do you intend to put your next gen consoles?

With the consoles this time around not being exactly the smallest ever, it seems we might need a new AV cabinet or a different solution to give these consoles a nice place in our (living) rooms. My current AV cabinet where my C9 takes up all space up top has 3 spaces. The current systems fit here, but the new ones absolutely won’t. I could try and find a new cabinet that has space for the systems and TV, but I have a hard time so far finding a really good one and that also looks “acceptable” in a living room.

But maybe ya’ll have some some suggestions ,maybe not too pricey either. If it’s a really nice one I am willing to shell out 250-300 bucks. But I’ve also been thinking about maybe going to Ikea, try and find something that I can attach to my wall, something firm and put the XSX on there.


My problem is dust… I don’t want the consoles out in the open when not in use. Atm they are in a cabinet, with doors and the back taken off. When I play I just open the door and there is great airflow. Well, the Series X won’t fit standing up inside the cabinet, so might have to lay it down, at an angle to get the airflow front->back. That will not be pretty…

I can always stand it up next to the TV, but then it’s out in the open with dust and crazy cats just waiting to chew up a cable or two. The Series S would have no issues, and the PS5 is too big to even fit in the cabinet and too fugly to be anywhere it can be seen so that is a nope until the release a slim/not-eye sore-version in a few years.

Good point about dust. But if you regularly clean it off it should be fine? My One X is out in the open as well and a few tines a week I take a cloth and dust it off. Should be fine I’d hope.

What concerns me is the holes in the top of the console, feels like a lot of dust would just fall into the console? Maybe it is possible to use something to cover up the top when not in use? Or would that cause problems? Hmmm

Just gonna move my One S over a little bit and stick my Series S right next to my TV, standing up. Thought about putting it where my Switch dock is, since I never use docked mode, but the ports would be on the wrong side.

I’ll be removing a shelf in my entertainment center so the Series X can stand upright, and standing the 360 E up next to it.

Yeah, that’s true. I don’t know how much harm that could potentially be. I guess when not in use you could put a cloth over it perhaps? I was gonna say some plastic foil except this is where the heat will leave as well.

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Hm, yes…maybe a black piece of cloth. Haha, first world problems… :wink:

Haven’t decided if it’ll sit next to my TV or vertically in my cabinet. I am leaning towards vertically in my cabinet. Depends on how much air it moves.

Edit: just measured. I have up to 23" or almost enough room to stack one on top of the other. I think I’ll be fine.

That’s huge! Mine is a low and long, white cabinet with glass on top. 40 cm height I’d guess, 180 cm long.

Yeah I have to remove a shelf but that’s not a problem. It is a massive IKEA piece that’s 6 ft. Long

Standing up on my desk between my two monitors. I cannot stand gaming on a massive screen!

Right where that One X currently is.


Not afraid of dust getting into it though? I have my One X in the open too and I dust it off regularly, but the XSX has those holes and everything.

No I’m not afraid of dust. You dust the console if it’s dusty. Not that complicated. Grab a Swifter and dust it.

True but say I put the XSX vertical, which I intend to do, dust can tricky into those holes and you can’t get there.

The air is blowing up when on. If you feel self-conscious about it when it’s off, but something over the top. Or get a component cover for it.

you can try something like this: Dust Cover

Or a entire CPU cover

Oh shit, I forgot about that, the air blowing up. This means my plan for a plank or something attached to the wall can definitely work. Nice! Thanks for that link.

No problem, here’s an actually better dust cover for the Series X, it’s the one I’m getting.

Dust Cover for the X

That one looks great! Sadly Amazon doesn’t ship to my country, only the Dutch Amazon. But maybe I’ll find it.

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