Where and when did you buy your Xbox One from?

I was just curious when and where everyone got their console.

I got mine in 2016 and it was the Forza Edition of the Xbox One.


I live in Fiji so it was nearly impossible to get it. Hence my brother-in-law helped fetch one fro me from Australia. Luckily our power plugs and everything are the same so it works like a charm.

My console is still going strong with occasional power downs for no reason recently. I have gone ahead and cleaned it so that has helped.

Luckily it was the 1TB model and I haven’t had a need for more space because I cycle through my installs.

My favourite thing about my console, besides te racing stripes, are the custom engine sounds for when the console starts or shuts down.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

p.s. the controller that came with it had rubber grips which are amazing but have since worn off a bit and my RB button gets stuck so I have gotten this as my new primary controller.

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I got mine in 2014, when the Kinect-less Sunset Overdrive bundle came out at 399 Euros. Didn’t have a lot of money back then so I used the chain’s (Unieuro) offer to pay 39.90 for 10 months straight. I did already have a bit of a back catalog as earlier that year I managed to snag Ryse, Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 for 10 Euros each at the Milan Games Week, plus some free codes, GWG games, upgrade deals like the 5 Euro Minecraft one, and so on.


Bought my Xbox One in Germany on release day, because the official release here in The Netherlands was four months later. The One X was released immediately in The Netherlands so I bought it on day one here.

Series X will also release immediately in the Netherlands so I already pre-ordered mine here.

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I bought the xbox one without kinect in 2014 in Mexico, at the start i wanted the white one with sunset overdrive but i couldn’t find it, so i bought the one with ac black flag + unity.

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I preordered the console in Brazil, but in the end turned out to be a exercise of patience.

They charged the console right away in the preorder, around 6 months before launch. With the promise to deliver on launch day.

In the end, the console launched, and my unit wasn’t shipped. Even the local physical store of the store I purchased had one and I couldn’t pick it up despite having already paid for it. They ended up sending to me 2 weeks after launch, and only arrive 3 weeks later.

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I stood in line at Best Buy and got mine at launch.


Summer of 2014. Bought it in-store at Best Buy with Battlefield 4 and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes as my first two games. My system did not come with a kinnect. While I have an Xbox One X now, I still have my original on display. Lots of good times.

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