When do we expect Wolfenstein 3 to release?

With the Bethesda acquisition, there are so many studios to think about now…

So, when do we expect Wolfenstein III to release (or it to be announced) ?

2 years ago, Bethesda confirmed that Wolfenstein 3 would happen.


Games developped by MachineGames :

  • 2014: The New Order

  • 2015: Old Blood (spin-off/prequel)

  • 2016: Quake: Dimension of the Past (expansion for Quake)

  • 2017: The New Colossus

  • 2019: Youngblood (spin-off) + Cyberpilot (VR experience). Both co-developped with Arkane

Bethesda didn’t hold a digital replacement for its E3 show this year. They basically announced nothing (outside of the DOOM Eternal expansion set to release in October ?).

Also, do we expect 2021 Bethesda releases on Xbox ?

Current 2021 schedule for Bethesda :

  • Deathloop (was supposed to be 2020) (developped by Arkane (Lyon team))

  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (developped by Tango)

Both were announced at E3 2019 and both planned for PS5.


  • Wolfenstein 3 (MachineGames)

  • The Elder Scrolls 6 (Bethesda Game Studios, mostly the Maryland team)

  • Starfield (Bethesda Game Studios, mostly the Maryland team)

I could see Wolfenstein 3 releasing late 2021.

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • Later
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God I loved these games (youngblood was AWFUL though). So hopefully soon. I’d say 2022 - Q2 perhaps holiday 21 at a push.

And make it Xbox/PC only. This is absolutely a game that fits that profile. Port it to switch later.


I think we will at least hear an announcement soon. Surely MS wants to keep the positive news train going at the beginning of a new gen.

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Of course there will be another. The story has to conclude. Going to Europe and defeating Hitler once and for all. If it’s not late 2021 then look for spring 2022.

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I dont think it was awful at all. For $30 dollars it was more than enough and it was very fun to play as the twins.

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The Wolfenstein games are in my personal top 5 for this gen. Can’t wait on the sequel. Hope the gunplay is as good as the previous titles. Damn, firing a weapon felt good!

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Are they able to announce stuff before the legalities of the overall deal conclude next year? I guess allowed isn’t the right word - perhaps - ‘should/would they’?

Fair enough - I did not like it at all. Nothing to do with the twins or who the playable character was - game just felt sub-par to me.

Sometime after today.

My guess is it was aiming for fall 2021, but will be early 2022.

I think this is also probably the first game that will be exclusive to Xbox/PC.

Today job listing were posted in the Xbox Game Studios thread that MachineGames is working on a multiplayer game. I am kinda hoping it’s either a smaller game so that after that they can work on Wolf 3, or that this is a mode on Wolf 3 perhaps.

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We probably won’t see Wolfenstein 3 for a while, MachineGames looks to be working on a brand new IP for XS/PC. My guess is around 2023 or later.

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The deal is agreed in principiality, so nothing is stopping them. I expect f.i. games on GamePass very soon.

At this point I think the Zenimaxx devs should all try to work on something new before revisiting an old IP, especially Wolfenstein after Youngblood.

Arkane has this covered already, I know Id could kill it with a new game before going back to Doom. Tango is on Ghostwire, even Bethesda with Starfield before going bac

I hope it gets an announcement soon and is nothing like young blood.


Love the 1st two games, but I can’t see a new one coming until 2 years after the team ship Indiana Jones

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The Old Blood is great too, also Wolfenstein 3 may ship before Indiana Jones (hopes and dreams I know…).

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Yeah, I loved the add-on. I hope you are right, but I would guess the main team are busy with Indiana

The end of the year is looking pretty open, dreams are free though.

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