What's your hype level for Metroid Dread?

Metroid Dread is almost here! 35 years of continuous storytelling come to an end, and Nintendo seems to be taking the best from every previous 2D Metroid game to bring it together into one (hopefully) stunning package.

What’s the hype level of the folks on here for Metroid Dread? I’m just so glad to see a AAA 2D Metroidvania game again, but Dread itself looks excellent.


I am personally looking forward to Metroid Prime 4 more than Dread but it’s nice to finally get Metroid 5. I will pre-order this when I’m able to get a good discount.

I preordered a normal physical copy from my local GameStop. I have a fair amount of credit saved up and it’s one of my favorite genres. I liked the remake that MS did a few years ago, even though it wasn’t quite up to snuff with the modern state of the genre. Hopefully this one is better.

It’ll be the first new $60 game I’ve bought for my Switch since Animal Crossing at the start of the pandemic. I’ve played the console maybe 7 hours in the last 12 months. Frankly I’m only buying it at launch because Nintendo games don’t ever really go on sale.

The first showing was underwhelming IMO but after that the next gameplay snippets we’ve seen looked much better. Cautiously optimistic about this and I already have my copy pre-ordered. Planning to finish the Alan Wake Remaster and then dive in Metroid Dread for good, hopefully it will turn out great.

Really dang high, been waiting for a long time for a new mainline Metroid game

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zero. I want prime 4


I’m in the same boat at this point; I feel like Dread is some cheap holdover until Retro finally gets their shit together for Prime. Given that the game isn’t pushing anything from a technical standpoint, it definitely adds to that sentiment. I want to be wrong, and I hope that I am, but this feels like another example of Nintendo not reading the room.


Probably around a 7 or an 8. I’m gonna hold off for Christmas unless it scores like a 90+ because I’m pretty busy and Forza, Halo and Age will be wrestling for my time, but I love a good Metroidvania and the last 4 2D Metroids were great. A new one has been long overdue.

I have never been a big Nintendo guy, so this will be my first Metroid and I am very much looking forward to it.


Very hype, especially now that I’ve secured the Amiibo set baby


Where did you get it from EB?

JB through a friend that works there. They’re sold out you can’t buy them online anymore.

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Way more interested in the 2D Metroid games than the 3D ones. Went on blackout after seeing the announcement, and will be playing probably day 1!

This is a day none for me, guys!!! My excitement level is through the floor!!!

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Right now my hype is tempered. I’m excited about a new 2D Metroid and have it pre-ordered, but the amount of the total experience that revolves around running away from those robots will ultimately decide what I think of it. Its a gameplay mechanic that only works for a short amount of time for me. Eventually it just goes from providing some tension to being a redundant unenjoyable slog.

The last Metroid game I played was like over a decade ago, but I’m excited for just a quality metroidvania game. I’ve really dived into the genre the last few years, so I hope Dread knocks it out of the park.

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Between 1 and 10?…I’m at “That’s not Donkey Kong Country!?”.

But I am happy we are seeing less shame about 2D games… so 7 I guess?

This feels like a pretty obvious distinction to make and I’m sure you’re aware but to anyone who’s picking this up and hoping it to be a Metroidvania: set your expectations accordingly! There likely won’t be any RPG mechanics, and I don’t expect much in the way of story-telling if history is any indicator.

Oh I just meant in terms of good level design, combat, and the whole scrounging for any secret I can find.

I don’t really need (or want) too many rpg elements.

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No doubt, I just figured your post was a good jumping off point for a PSA, hope you don’t mind :smiley: