What's the first game you're going to play in 2022?

Which game are you going to use to kick off the New Year? Will you start the year of right with a great game?


I just started a Skyrim playthrough a couple of days ago so it seems like Skyrim :slight_smile:

Most likely continue playing several 2021 GOTYs.


First actual game that im playing will be Biomutant which will conclude 2021 for me. First new 2022 released game that I will be playing is Dying Light 2: Stay Human which im very hyped for. Most likely going with the Digital Ultimate Edition.

Continued Playthrough: GotG

Brand New Game: Either Metroid Dread or Lost Judgment.

Or probably just Halo multiplayer lol.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer for sure for me

Assuming the spirit of the question means which new 2022 release, I’m going with Elden Ring

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Yakuza 5, which I’m playing right now. After that, I’ll get to Yakuza 6 and wrap up the Kiryu Saga.

My current ongoing games are Halo Infinite, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, and Metroid: Zero Mission… so likely one of those. Boring answer, I know, but I won’t be starting anything new until those are done.

As for which 2022 release will be the first new game I’ll play that year, that’ll probably be some Game Pass game that’s not even on my radar yet. And failing that, then Weird West come March 31st.

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First game I fire up in the morning is whichever game I’m squeezing achievements out of for the rewards points, so The Gunk. First game I want to actually play will depend on my mood. I’m pretty near the end of Rune Factory 4 Special but also kind of frustrated with it (terrible game design decisions) so I might set it down for a while.

Shoot, I don’t know. Maybe Disco Elysium if the mood is right.

Probably just a little Halo MP over the New years. But I have made the spreadsheets, optimized order of play, installed and filled my harddrives and made a schedule for the ultimate XboxEra backlog challenge 2022. Shit’s about to go down.


What in the blue hell…you sound like me. Spreadsheets and whatnot. lol. Good luck Mort. :smiley:

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Elder Scrolls Online, my favorite Elder Scrolls and my favorite game of last gen(probably my game of this gen too to be honest).

Continue with Witcher 3. I’ve grown to love it now lmao.

A new game: For me, it’ll be God of War 2018 on PC, coming Jan 14th.

A new new game: Most likely OOOOOOOOOOO ELDEN RING in Feb (would have overtook GoW if it didn’t get delayed :pensive: )

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I’m completing Psychonauts 2 (I left behind several collectibles) and even replaying the several brains, man, this game is really incredible, unbelievable TGA snubbed it completely.

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I’m on the last boss for Metroid and given how hard the difficulty spike is probably that

Probably something lame like FF6 or RollerCoaster Tycoon… On Xbox though I should probably give Atomicrops a break since i’ve been addicted to it and focus on backlog and Game Pass. I wanna get back to Yakuza LaD and since they celebrate the New Year in the game it seems pretty appropriate.

And I wanna play VF2 lol.

Psychonauts 2 is such a great game.

Awesome boss fight!

First game that I booted up was Halo Infinite. As for new releases I dunno…probably Elden Ring though I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be delayed again.

Turns out this was the answer. Played about an hour this morning. It’s such a great game, and I have to admit it’s made me kind of keen to play Metroid Dread. Up until my recent re-acquaintance with this franchise I’d had no interest in giving it a shot, but I’m having such a good time with this remake I’d love to give Dread a try.

Save for the entirely unlikely scenario of xCloud coming to Switch, I don’t see myself ever getting one of those, so it’ll likely have to wait a decade or two until it can be emulated on a cheap Android handheld or something. That’s OK, I didn’t play Zero Mission until 17 years after its release. I’m nothing if not patient. :yum:

Does anyone know of a side-scrolling Metroidvania game on the Xbox? Bonus points if it’s on Game Pass.

Does it have a difficulty setting? To my surprise, Zero Mission does, including an easy mode.

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Me still enjoying in Halo Infinite campaign.