What's the deal with third party exclusives?

It appears that Sony will be going hard at third party exclusives, which has been seen by no Street Fighter for Xbox, no FF, no KOTOR etc, and Colin M stating that Sony has a lot more third party exclusives to announce.

Does anyone know what type of cost or deals are done to get a third party exclusive? Apparently there is a payment that covers the loss of games sales during that period on the console that it doesn’t sell on, which is why MS has to pay alot more than Sony for the same game to be exclusive. I would assume there is also some sort of payment over that to cover game development costs up front.

As well as timed exclusives, what is involved in a total exclusive game? In the 360 MS really hit it out of the park with third party exclusives. Alan Wake, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Lost Planet, Ryse, Bioshock etc, but they seem to have moved away from that now instead preferring to purchase studios and have ownership of the IP itself. I mean, I still can’t believe they sold the rights to Alan Wake back to Remedy.

It would also be interesting to see what types of clauses are in the contracts. I was talking to someone who said that Microsoft is not allowed legally to have any additional content or performance benefits over the PS version of Deathloop. There may even be a deal over it not going to Gamepass Apparently.

Another weird one was how did Sony go from having MLB the show as an exclusive to not only losing the exclusivity, but having to have their own studio also develop the game for Xbox. Why couldn’t Sony of said to MLB, get someone else to do the xbox version.

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Because MLB owns the license and they simply told Sony to make it multiplatform or they would go to like EA or 2K. Also Baseball is a dying sport in general in terms of audience and popularity so it made no sense to lock it just on 1 console.




Uh? Since when Colin is an “insider”?


Well these are uniquely negotiated deals so there can be anything in them. We just make a logical assumption that a publisher would want some level of compensation close to what they would lose in sales on the lost platform(s). The thing is it doesn’t have to be a 1 for 1 type of deal. If a game is expected to sell say 2 million lifetime on Xbox and Sony wants to buy exclusivity, it wouldn’t be like $60 x 2M = $120M. You’d subtract the 30% platform cut, marketing, development costs, time value (cash now vs over years), etc… In the case of Japan for example, Sony could pay peanuts of exclusivity.

It also depends on the publisher/developer and how they view their games and budgets. In the case of SquareEnix for example, it seems very likely they seek out exclusivity deals. They probably are looking to offset development costs and are more looking for something closer to a guaranteed profit. Another developer/publisher on the other hand may refuse exclusivity deals because they are looking for growth and exposure.

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It’s probably true, we do know that Sony went around looking for a bunch of exclusives to sign from actual insiders. Some have been announced, wouldn’t be suprised if some hadn’t.

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PlayStation acts with impunity as the market leader while Xbox continues to go down the path of Nintendo by strengthening it’s first party slate - which Sony can never pay off - and hoping Game Pass adds enough incentive for devs and consumers to give them a niche.

I think we’d all love Microsoft slapped a few hundred million on the tables of Capcom/Square Enix/Others and told Jim Ryan to go fly a kite, but that doesn’t seem to be the strategy and we just kind of have to deal with it.

I don’t think you need to be an insider to see Sony have a definitive strategy of paying devs not to release their games on Xbox - one that has almost certainly been successful enough that it will continue.

Colin is absolutely a cheerleader for anything/everything Sony does, and has a history of rebuking MS for timed exclusivity deals, but it’s not a stretch to think he’s right in this instance. Sadly.


I’m sure Sony has more timed exclusive deals with third party publishers that simply haven’t been announced yet. And the further out the game, the more likely it is that it won’t be announced any time soon.

Oh yeah, I remember that was something Imran said couple of years ago.

I imagine they will have some under their sleeve, some big, some small…etc (according to this article they spend about 300 million on those https://screenrant.com/playstation-exclusives-third-party-329-milllion-spending-sony/)

But to act as if Colin as actual information of the sort is like believing dealer had actual information of the supposedly acquisition of arc system works by Sony. They both are just mere fanboys pretending to have information and act as “insiders”

And hello to all! I’m from Colombia, primaly a pc gamer but love all the effort xbox is doing for people all around the world can enjoy this wonderful hobby. Hope I can contribute to the discussions of the forum :smiley:


That has to be the dumbest thing ever.

After Xbox out maneuvered PlayStation on MLB you can guarantee every future Sony contract mentions Gamepass :laughing:


Overall, yes I’m sure they do but this is an Xbox first party game on its own platform.

Yeah, there’s zero chance Deathloop has a “no gamepass” deal, let alone a “no new features” clause.


Personally, im expecting Deathloop to just be a straight port and the franchise is done. I’m not expecting any DLC/expansions for it which is for the better. Arkane should get to Dishonored 3 in my opinion instead of making a sequel to Deathloop.

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Have you played it? I have no idea how it is, since I ignore it until it release on Xbox.

It was received pretty well, at least critically. I could see it getting a sequel or two, but I also haven’t played it.

Could be an Outer Worlds 2 situation, with the sequel being the exclusive.

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Haven’t played it but I have seen Arkane/Dishonored fans not like it anywhere as much plus I did watch the ending and it’s not good. That’s all I will say. I know Javier completed it.

Yeah, it was very well received but like Ghostwire Tokyo from Tango Gameworks, im hoping they move on to Dishonored 3 and The Evil Within 3 respectively. Both were/are timed console exclusives for PS5 first and sales were said to be underwhelming for Deathloop and im expecting the same for Ghostwire Tokyo. They both should be one and done in my opinion.

The Outer Worlds was different because didn’t Microsoft try to acquire the publishing rights from Take Two Interactive/Private Division and they simply said no?

I simply prefer to see Arkane just port Deathloop to Xbox and move on to Dishonored 3 while seeing Mikami move on to his dream game after Tokyo as I just remembered that John Johanas is supposed to be working on a game for Tango Gameworks which could be The Evil Within 3 which is what im hoping for.

Deathloop is fun and they should definitely consider a sequel. That said it is a bit overhyped, I think it just barely made my top 10 list but I recommend it on sale (I payed $20) so I think you will enjoy it if you keep expectations reasonable.

Between a sequel to Deathloop or Dishonored 3, I prefer Dishonored 3 by far. No interest in playing Deathloop as im not into roguelike games which is another reason why I want them to move on. Plus, I watched the ending months ago.

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MEGA spoilers for Deathloop. Like, I spoil the ending. YOU ARE WARNED:

The game really doesn’t set itself up for a sequel at all. The endings basically “keep the status quo” or “break the loop to the anger of everyone”. Neither set themselves up for a sequel and one would frankly be super contrived.