Whats happening with PS4 enhanced BC on PS5?

So this was announced for PS5, but no word on how PS4 games will be enhanced? Whats going on?

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They probably want to sell people remasters.


This is just a collection of mostly older titles so that they can claim you get a collection of games to start you off. Any PS5 versions or enhancement are coincidences as far as I can tell.

I had all the games except for 1, Days Gone so I’ll give that a go at least.

I’m not expecting much from PS5 BC enhancements - higher frame rate in games where it’s not already locked, and higher resolutions in games with dynamic resolution scaling. I’d like to be pleasantly surprised, but I’m not expecting anything beyond that.

Oh, and faster loading by default, of course.

Was BC not discuss during the showcase?



It’s really cool that they’re offering a bunch of BC games, and the selection is great, lots of heavy hitters in there. Kind of a mini-Game Pass but without the new releases. :slight_smile:

But yeah I’m sure a lot of people want to know more specifics about Sony’s BC solution. Library coverage? enhancements? Lots still up in the air unlike with Xbox’s transparency.

Question: I was told that those game were already free on PS+ on the PS4. Is that true?

Ah glad you made a thread. Thanks a lot. Was considering making one. Yep it is really worrying and messy. When I saw the trailer I was wondering, wait where is the BC promise and why only via PS Plus if I already have those games xhat about my backlog?

I didn’t find any mention of BC on the PS5 site. Is it me or did they erase it? Could somebody check and find if there is any mention please. I must have looked the wrong way.

Don’t know, I would assume at least some of them are, but if I’m not mistaken PSNow is only for streaming, this trailer said the games are downloadable.

I did say PSNow :wink: I wrote PS+ … But thanks anyway for the response!

Lol sorry, it’s been years since I’ve actually had PS Plus so I get the names confused. :slight_smile: Forgot that Now and Plus were two different things

If they had enhanced backwards compatibility they would have mentioned it.


Yet Xbox One X has been slaying with exactly this and I bet its gonna be gooooood on XSX too. I truly believe the team deserves more praise.


PS4 games (and PS2 games released on PS4) are downloadable, they added the option some time ago. It’s PS3 games that are available only through streaming.

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Nearly all of them have either been on PS+ or PS Now or still are.

I think I read earlier that there’s only 3 that weren’t given away on PS+ before.

My friends and I had confusion about the PS+ Collection. They seem to think it’s gonna be an ongoing thing that they will add more to over time (like Game Pass). I thought it was just this one drop of games that kinda sum up the PS4 and that’s it. Do we have any official word on which it is?

It seems that Sony is not upgrading its current-gen games to next-gen like Microsoft is doing. Even during the PS+ Collection presentation they stated that those were PS4-quality footage.

Plus, the next-gen version of Spider Man seems to be locked behind Miles Morales’ $79.99 Ultimate Edition, without any upgrade path detailed.

On the other hand, Microsoft is offering free next-gen versions of Gears 5, Gears Tactics, Sea of Thieves, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Forza Horizon 4. On day one. And they are all available on Game Pass.

During today’s presentation I felt the need to get a PS5 for the first time since I abandoned my PS4. This need vanished with the post-presentation shit show.


I think it’s one off but typical of Sony someone else will need to clear it up.

Also, I’m not sure I’ll get it on PS4. Their messaging is an absolute mess on everything.