What would you rate Halo Infinites multiplayer?

Love the gameplay? Got a BRUTALLY honest opinion about it? You don’t care about dress up? You think the progression is hot sludge? Is Infinite the best FPS MP you’ve ever played? Does it top Halo 2/3?

Let us know your score!

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Best feeling Halo game Ive played and all the “big huge issues” are all fixable but bad gameplay is not.


If there was a point score I’d give it 8.5/10. Rock solid gameplay, modes/playlists/live service side when more fleshed out (Dec 8th and beyond), will take it to 9.5



Has an amazing foundation but it’s very bare bones and no real incentives to keep you around outside of its gameplay.

All easily fixable in a live service game.


I’m interested to see what our scores average out at as a rough approximation of the Opencritic scores.

Given that Halo 4 got 87 I would be gobsmacked Infinite didn’t score higher given what we’ve heard about the campaign.

I wonder if these progression issues will actually be enough to drag campaign scores down, rather than the other way around, which I’m sure is what many of us expected.

Edit: It’s on 89 on Opencritic currently with 8 reviews, though that’s largely unreliable for obvious reasons

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In my head 9 because of some of the issues regarding progression and monetization but in my heart 9.5 because the foundation is such perfect that I know it’s going to be fantastic in the long-term (unlike BF2042 which has crappy foundations in my eyes, like the Specialists system, bad destruction, bad map design…).

Tried to replay some Reach MP in the Halo MCC yesterday. I’m shocked to see how the gameplay and feeling feels terrible when you played Infinite just before. It was such a chore.

They just need to add a military ranking system parrallel to Battlepass (I think they said they’re working on it ?), more maps (especially BTB), make tanks and air vehicles spawn more often and earlier during BTB and offer some more friendly prices in the shop. I don’t mind these issues because I know it’s easily fixable.

I largely agree, I voted 9 as I feel the gameplay is perfect 10/10, the issues with progression don’t drag the experience down for me very much (level 31 already). Launching with a ranked mode was also a pleasant surprise + an event 1 week after launch.

the amount of modes and maps is serviceable, helped by the fact that the maps range from good to amazing. The music fucking rocks and the game looks so damn good in motion. Infinite might be the best feeling / looking MP game I have ever played.

That shrinks all the minor problems down into a 1 point drop leaving it at a 9. This could be bumped up to 9.5 depending on what they manage to do for launch (possibly two more modes and playlist separation are on the cards).



10 for me, the game looks good, it plays great, and it is incredibly fun.

We just now need dedicated playlist with their own challenges(that’s not going anywhere clearly), like for a Slayer playlist get 50 kills, get 3 double kills, 3 triple kills, 5 killing sprees, 4 over kills and so on.

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Gameplay is a 10. The best feeling game in the series.

Maps are a solid 8. Not the best maps in the series but very good and more are coming.

Graphics/Sound for me are a 9. The game looks how I’d want a modern Halo to look. It won’t blow your mind but the art style is so good that it will still look good years down the line.

Weapons/Meta/Competitive Potential is a solid 9.5 for me. This is the best game in terms of sandbox and competitive balance since Halo 3.

Battle Pass/Cosmetic System is currently a 5. I think 343 knows it isn’t what we want and they’ll fix it over time.

Overall the game is a solid 9.5 for me with the potential to be a damn near perfect Halo game with some fixes.


8 overall

Gameplay is some of the best in the series

Maps are solid and look great generally

Player collision gone is a miss

Needs more playlists and maps those definitely coming

Progression/customization is the biggest issue with the game

Overall I love it its good but when issues are fixed it will stand out as one of the best multiplayer games in a long time

The game play is great, but the surrounding cosmetic stuff is weird and I’m worried without more gametypes and maps it’s going to get old before it’s time.

Progression speeds not even an issue. If they can alter it so that challenges are tied to whatever mode you are playing then it’d resolve the biggest issue with it which is people being. Motivated to do things other than play the objective. Although this will still happen some like in COD how people will inflate their K/D by camping objectives.

The customization thing is strange, maybe keeping the system the same but adding a prestige that refreshes the items available to earn would be a patch. It shouldn’t be easy to earn everything for free.

Customization needs to be so that you can crosscore, just like the bots already do

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What is crosscore?

mixing customization across armor cores which is weirdly not allowed for us

Oh yeah I like that

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It’s a 9 and would be a 10 once they add some more playlists. Slayer, swat etc…

It’s the best feeling Halo and the best shooter in decades.

Don’t really care about the progression stuff really but that’s an easy fix.

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Out of all the things regarding the BP system, this might take a while to fix/change as it is fundamentally related to the nature of the armor coatings (i.e. being specialized skins). I would be happy to be proven wrong if this is a relatively quick fix.

oh it’s definitely not a quick fix, just one that needs to happen no matter how long it takes, cuz currently it’s just way too restrictive. But as I said, the bots are already doing it, it’s not something that requires too much time, it’s all already working. They just haven’t enabled it for us because the monetization is built that way, which is just :face_vomiting:

Also give a way to earn the credits in-game over time.

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I feel like it is almost certain to happen when the next season launches - at the very least, allow those who reach the max level in the BP to be rewarded some, if not all, credits for the next BP.