What would be your "One more thing" for the upcoming showcase

Something that would represent gameplay unless it is a well known IP

Yeah it’s a bit unfortunate that us horror fans been waiting for a horror title by XGS, a horror studio is acquired but the next big one is the opposite of horror, lol. But, I definitely am very curious about what game it is.


Ubisoft Vault, a new Ubisoft subscription service launching on Xbox and PC today, and included with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

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Something Fallout related. A grand “hey guess what you don’t have to wait another decade” final announcement. Give me a remake/remaster or a new game from another studio, an RTS game - anything.

Fuck that’s gonna monkey paw me so hard when “Fallout Online” is announced for mobile.

…I’ll take it though.

This fades onto the screen with this music, it either says “Remake” or “2” (don’t care which, just give me more of this IP), “coming x year”.

I don’t think it’s big enough to end the show on though… Sadly I don’t think anything Japanese is really.


This or Killer Instinct 2

A simple logo would suffice

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A Fallout game. Anything, please.


We literally know about all the projects xbox has in the works right now . I dont think a " One more thing" moment is going to happen for us . And I dont want them to “one more thing” a project that is not in active development right now .

you’re gonna get Fallout at the showcase

Fallout 76: The Pitt

Jez is still sitting on codenames from what we know, and also knows nothing about Bethesda.



I’d like it to be a 5 minute reveal of inXile’s game(CGI all the way baby) even if the game is 3 years out.

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I would say Firefly, but I feel like Starfield and Outer Worlds can draw on that type of world already, so The Wheel of Time game. Possibly set in the period between New Spring and The Eye of the World (play as Moraine) or maybe set in a different age so it isn’t too close to the show or books. I already treat the show as a different age than the books to keep from getting annoyed at changes, so having a game that does that wouldn’t be too odd.

@Doncabesa is going to enjoy this: “pitt” is another nickname in Swedish for penis.

We seem to have a lot of those… lol.

What I want is Fallout 5 or a sequel to New Vegas though.


Ninja Gaiden 4 Exclusive to Xbox with Itagaki coming out on stage dressed as Hayabusa as lead director.

I wish that this could be a realistic scenario too but it’s more possible that we’ll see Cory Barlog dressed as Kratos in the Xbox showcase than Itagaki going back to Team Ninja and becoming the director for Ninja Gaiden 4. :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning:

That being said Team Ninja have to be working on something since 2020 so a new announcement from them is a possibility I guess, I don’t think that we’ll see it on the Xbox showcase though. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if their next game is again a PS exclusive…Hayashi seems to really like Sony’s moneyhats and from what we’ve seen since the departure of Itagaki any ties between Xbox and Team Ninja are long gone.

Fable Gameplay or Banjo remake.

My dream? A new Recore.


Recore would really be great if they reimagine it in a AAA project with a better team and a big budget, on UE5! The game was quite enjoyable but you could see easily it was cheap and rushed, ffs it was made on Unity lmao

New Doom or Quake, Resident Evil 4 Remake

Crash 5, Spyro 4


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